My strange fashion.

Vanna here,

In two weeks time I will be landing in the U.K!
Aside from the 30 things Alex listed, I have another bonus: it’s warm enough there that I can wear sweaters without a coat! Yeah!
The last month I’ve been really wanting a sweater dress but am having a hard time finding one in the area that is below $60
Because of this I started searching thrift shops, and instead of finding sweater dresses I found incredibly amazing sweaters!
So I am now in an obsessive phase of wearing tacky, baggy, over-sized sweaters…which I can now finally show to the world! (Adding more reasons why other countries hate Americans) (Hah and Alex thinks I’m going to dress nicely for family meals…be prepared Brits!)
I’m not fashion forward, obviously, so I wear what I feel is most comfortable. Along with my poor fashion choices, I have currently been attracted to the 80s perm…
(Yes, I’m one of those people you see on What Not To Wear)
Yesterday I decided to get my hair permed. I had permed it a year ago and adored it:


But this time because I wanted 80s, so I got the tightest curls they offered:

what I look like at this exact moment…leftover from yesterday because I could not wash it today…it was better looking yesterday when it was washed and styled…but you get the general idea.


My goal for the week ahead is to get my hair as poofy as possible and look somewhere near this but with tighter curls:

I have to get lessons from my mother who at one time wore the 80s perm (for too long actually)

Wish me luck!
I’ll put up pictures once I’ve mastered the look. 🙂




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