10 Days!

Just ten (9 for her!) more days until Vanna is here in the UK! Both of us are very excited about that, as you can imagine. Can’t wait to see her, I really can’t. I’m starting to get things sorted for her arrival (I’ve even cleaned my room! And made space by the window for her suitcase!), but most of it will have to wait until next week. Already we’ve made some plans for the Christmas month, and we’re hoping to do as much as possible given that it’ll be Vanna’s last time in the country for at least a few years (she’s never been to a castle, for example). But even when we’re not exploring new places or experiencing new things, we’ll have fun. The routine stuff, like watching television or playing games, will be that much better when Vanna’s here. So yeah, 10 days!

As for the future, the visa application is coming on nicely. It’s been moved onto the American Embassy in London for the interview stage, and I just filled out a form in case I’m approved (hence why this blog is a little later than usual…if you noticed). The only complication is where and when the interview will be. If it is scheduled in the next three monChths, then the question is whether I can move it to Minnesota or if I can’t. This would be preferable as Vanna could come with me (and it would be more convenient in terms of location) and keep me company. If that can’t be done, then I’ll have to call and arrange a different date (awkward) which means I’ll have to travel down to London for a day on the train. Not ideal. So, I’m going to contact them tomorrow (I tried today and got nowhere…only by messaging their Facebook page did I finally get a possible contact) and explain the situation. Hopefully it’ll work out in my favour (ie, no trip to London).

Another thing to sort out is my laptop. Do I stick with it, or do I go for a new one? I’m still not sure so I’m just going to wait until tomorrow when I call them. I’ll get as much information as I can from them, and then decide which is best. But either way, it won’t be sorted until the weekend…at the earliest. I’ll do my best to blog regularly while I’m waiting, but it isn’t easy. This stupid computer.


Well, I’ll let you know what happens.

10 days!


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