It’s A Write Off

So I called the Knowhow team today to ask about my laptop. I had a couple of questions, but if I was satisfied with the answers then I would go ahead and demand (demand I tell you!) a replacement laptop. Mostly because I’m fed up with waiting for mine and it seemed like a good idea…providing they gave the right answers to my questions. These questions were;

  1. How does the voucher (what I use to buy the replacement  laptop) work? And am I guaranteed to get a laptop of equal value without extra cost?
  2. Can I retrieve my Norton antivirus software which has been recently renewed?
  3. Can I get a proper Microsoft Office package with this laptop at no extra cost?
  4. I was also going to ask about moving the policy, but I found out before I called that I can’t…so I didn’t.

It was a rather long call, but ultimately one I was happy with. The first two people I spoke to weren’t great (friendly, but uh, slow) but the last guy was very, very helpful. He answered my questions in detail, and generally was very thorough. I’m now confident the voucher deal won’t rip me off, which was my main fear. As for my Norton, it turns out I can just sign onto their website and get that back. No luck on the Microsoft Office package, but it turns out Open Office is free and works just as well, so I’ll get that. And he even arranged for me to get my hard drive back, which is good. Not only does it save me uploading all my music again, it is good to have it for back up.

The only real issue now is what laptop to go for. As I’ve decided not to get another HP laptop (as it happens the one available would have a worse spec than mine), I’m not really sure what is best. It’s the only manufacture I’m familiar with, so I’m now venturing into the unknown. But the tech guy was very helpful again, recommended a few laptops that I could get based on the spec of the laptop I did have. It all depends on what the voucher covers, and what is available in the store, but at the minute an Acer and Toshiba are the front-runners. Both are improvements. My preference is the Acer, but that might cost extra and it doesn’t have a CD drive, so I’m not sure whether I’ll go for it or not. But eh…I can’t decide yet anyway so I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll just wait for my voucher (I should get a phone call tomorrow or the day after) and see what happens. Either way, I should get something better than my HP and that is the important thing. Hopefully it’ll be the Acer (the guy has had his for five years, so I feel I can rely on it) but I won’t complain if I get the Toshiba.

So, that’s that done. Hopefully it will all go straightforward from here. Only a few more days to put up with this awful laptop, and then I can rage to you all about the Xbox One without fear of my computer suddenly crashing mid-sentence (froze twice just writing the last paragraph!). What a glorious day that will be.

Speak to you later,


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