Three In The Bed

Only SEVEN (that’s 7, people, or one week!) more days until Vanna is here! And given the way Splat has been acting lately, Vanna might have some competition for my attention. Usually Splat doesn’t come in my room on her own accord (even then she goes straight to the window and ignores me completely) but the last two days she’s been surprisingly clingy. Whether that’ll change next week when Vanna is here I don’t know, but she was here all yesterday afternoon and same again today. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to get out my camera (albeit my phone camera this time), I took some blurry shots of her looking adorable.

Sorry for waking you…stop with the evils!

Close up!
I don’t even know how she managed it.
Bunting, as Vanna calls it.


In other news, I’m still waiting for my laptop voucher. It is supposed to take 72 hours so I should get a call tomorrow. If not I’ll have to phone them…hopefully it won’t come to that. For once I want things to be easy. I’m sick of using this laptop. I’m not one for destroying or damaging my possessions (mind you, who is?), but I really want to drop this stupid thing off a building and watching it smash into many, many pieces. It would be so satisfying! Yeah…awesome. I won’t do it though…but a guy can dream, right?

Ugh. What else? Well we’ve got the builders coming tomorrow to put in our new kitchen. And to stop me from waiting by the phone, I’m going to clean my room for Vanna’s arrival. Exciting times.




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