Why Am I Still Waiting?

Was hoping for the laptop vouchers today…but they didn’t come. Postman arrived but nothing in his letter bag for me. *sigh* Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow and hope they come then. I’ve been without my laptop for a month now! To say I’m fed up is an understatement. I haven’t written for ages, as every time I look or try to use this awful dell, all my creativity deserts me. Managed to plan out a lot last week, but eh…I want to actually write something. You know, on a nice laptop…not this thing!

Look at how the screen is completely attached to the keyboard!
Look at how the screen is completely attached to the keyboard!

Oh well. Sorry for complaining people. I would be in a better mood but it took me three restarts to get Google Chrome working…better than the five times I had to reboot on Saturday for the football, but hey ho.

Anyway, onto happier news and the special day is almost here! In less than three days (approximately 64 hours at this time of writing!), Vanna will be with me again! It almost doesn’t seem real. I look around and think ‘Vanna will be here soon’ but I can’t believe it. I don’t think it’ll hit me until I’m heading up to the airport to pick her up. We’re going to have such a good Christmas. Can’t wait.

Vanna can take more pictures like this...
Vanna can take more pictures like this…
...while I take ones like this
…and I can take more pictures like this!

As my laptop time has been restricted lately, I’ve had to look elsewhere for entertainment. With my trip to America also on the horizon, I thought I’d watch some different US Shows. And it appears I’ve developed something of an addiction (only minor…I’m not obsessed yet) to two of them in particular (The US Office does nothing for me…sorry). As I have nothing else to talk about (I’m assuming you don’t want me to rant about the slowness of the postal service)…I’m going to talk about them now.

(a clunky introduction, but I feel it works). Let’s start with…

Arrested Development

I know I know, I’m super late to this party. I’ve known about it for years, mostly thanks to…well, nearly every site I view on the internet. Not that I ever learned from the many angry posters and bloggers and columnists what Arrested Development was about. Yeah, I know how it was undeservedly cancelled, how it was better and greater than all the other US comedy shows, and how it should have returned, oh why hasn’t it returned already…but nothing beyond that. Except for the fact Michael Cera was in it, I was clueless to the plot, the cast etc. And I’m not exactly a Cera fan, so his involvement wasn’t much of an encouragement for me to watch it.

But then I found all four seasons (why only four, why why why?) on Netflix and thought I’d check it out. And you know something, it is pretty darn good. Jason Bateman, one of the main stars, is really good. Not that he is the only one; the performances of the entire cast are impressive. Most of the characters have unappealing personalities, yet thanks to the acting and writing, I can’t help but like them. Even Cera, who I really can’t stand, is good as Bateman’s son. Mind you, this might be because he’s young in the show…I suspect his annoying, arrogant smarmyness happened when he finished puberty. Maybe the success of the show brought it out of him. Or maybe he was always like that?


Anyway, Arrested Development has good acting, good writing and good…well everything. The dry humour works perfectly with me too. And though I don’t watch it regularly, I’m already finished with Season One. So yeah, you should watch it.

( I notice I didn’t tell you what Arrested Development is about either. Oh well)

Lizard Lick Towing

Not an award-winning program like Arrested Development, but I must admit I’m enjoying Lizard Lick Towing far more. A reality TV show about a car repossession company set in North Carolina, there is something about Lizard Lick that…appeals to me. Not only do I find it really interesting (some of the plans they come up with to get the cars are nothing short of genius), it reminds me of Minnesota. No matter what I’m doing during the day, I will set aside the time to watch it when it is on. It just makes me happy.

You Just Got Licked!
You Just Got Licked!

But I don’t know why I associate it with MN. Sorry Minnesotans (and Vanna). I watch a lot of American shows, yet it seems like it is only the ‘dumb redneck shows’ that I relate to you. I really don’t know why it happens that way, it just does. And Lizard Lick Towing is just the most recent example of this phenomenon (ooh, sounds fancy and important now!). Before Lizard Lick Towing, it was BuckWild. Before that it was Storage Wars. And before that, it was My Name Is Earl. None of those shows are set in Minnesota, or are anything like what I’ve so far experienced while I’ve been there…yet that’s what kick-starts my Minnesotan memories.


Anyway, I can’t get enough of Lizard Lick at the moment. As Vanna probably won’t let me watch it when she’s here, I should probably enjoy it while I can. There is no way she’ll watch it with me, no way. Even the film Fargo, which offers a positive representation of the Minnesota culture annoys her. So yeah, I can’t see her getting into Lizard Lick. A shame really. They’re just nice guys trying to make an honest living doing a dangerous job. It’s a fascinating show. Sad as it sounds, I actually get anxious when they get in trouble. Most of you (if you are anything like Vanna) will probably write it off immediately, but I suggest you give it a go. The sayings Ron, the owner of the company, are enough to make it worthwhile. They’re awesome. Honestly. They even have a twitter dedicated to them!

…Okay, that doesn’t prove anything as people’s pets have twitters these days…but still, it’s a good show and I can’t stop watching it.



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