After weeks of waiting, the special day is finally here! No, not the day marking Vanna’s arrival…that’s Thursday. This is far more important! I’m on my new laptop people! At last! Goodbye broken piece of junk, hello beautiful functioning laptop!

*sighs happily*

I picked it up around lunch time. The post arrived early for a change, but it was still a disappointment. Yet again, there was no voucher, so, sick and tired of waiting, I decided to call them and complain about how long it was taking. Turns out the letter had gone to my old address. Of course I’d updated my contact details several phone calls ago, but clearly they hadn’t listened. Not that it mattered though, as they could quote the code to me over the phone. You know, like I thought they were going to do on Friday…only for them to tell me the voucher was on its way and promptly hang up. Hmm. If it could be done this way, why they even bothered to send a letter in the first place? Not only was it a waste of a time, it was a waste of paper. Does nobody think of the trees?!

Anyway, I’m over that. I got the code and headed off to the store right away.  Everything was fine with the voucher, and after some tapping on the keyboard, the guy asked me if I had any laptops in mind. I mentioned the Acer, and once we’d spent five minutes dithering about the laptop section, we found the one I wanted (it was actually the first Acer we saw, but some fool had mistyped the model number). I was expecting him to say that I’d have to pay X amount because the voucher didn’t cover the full price, but no; the voucher was fine as the price had actually dropped down earlier that day (no spiel, it genuinely had…for once)! Suddenly the wasted weekend waiting for a letter that was never going to come worked out well for me. If it hadn’t gone down, I probably would have baulked at the extra cost (which could have been about £100) and gone for my second choice (the Toshiba). Still a good laptop, but not the best (in my range). So thank you knowhow for your incompetency!

But that’s not all! It gets better! As I had eight months left on my old policy, I received about £50 in credit. Of course, he tried to push various deals one. First it was McAfee security, but I shot that down immediately (I have about 6 years of Norton Antivirus on disk). Then it was their guarantee policy, but considering that left me without a laptop for a month, I wasn’t keen to go for that either. Especially not when it was going to cost me £200 (more than I paid in the first place!). No thanks, I’ll just take it to a repair shop if I need to.

Realizing I wasn’t interested, the guy gave up after that, and let me buy what I wanted. So I got a caddy for my Hard Drive, a 32GB USB stick to back up Windows 8 (I don’t quite get why, but it was important) and some rechargeable batteries for my dad. We then went to the till, where I was told I still had £30 free to spend. At this point I just wanted to go home, so I zipped through the store Supermarket Sweep style looking for something else I could use. Sadly I didn’t think of an external CD drive (the Acer doesn’t have one), and instead plumped for some nice headphones that I didn’t really need. Turns out I could have just got a gift card instead, but it was too late by then. Oh well. They’re still pretty good.

*I would insert a picture of me listening to music and looking smug, but I haven’t found the webcam yet. Just pretend I did, okay?*

With that done, I got home and booted it up. Since then, I’ve spent the majority of my time moving files over and installing programs. I’ve still got a few things to sort out, but it is mostly done. I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow… for now I just want to mess around and try out all the features like an excited child (as we all do when we get our hands on some new technology). The touchpad is a bit sensitive for my liking (I keep opening windows and such, like I did when I first got my HP), but other than that I’m happy with MY Acer. Light, quick and quiet…even after six hours, the fan is cool. With the HP, the fan was red-hot after six minutes. So yes, definitely happy with my purchase. Very happy in fact! It was worth the wait…even though it didn’t feel like it earlier this week when I was cursing the world.


Speak to you tomorrow (the final day!).


Oh, one last thing. I took pictures while I was waiting for it to do its updates. I’ve uploaded them below.

Captured seconds before I ripped apart the box.
Well hello there. Let me help you out of that.
The face of  intense excitement. So excited it hurts.
But Splat did not share my excitement.
My goodies (don’t forget the £3 gift card!)
Oooh! It’s Done! Well, it will be after about 5 hours of installations! …YAY!






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