17 Hours!

Vanna is here tomorrow, Vanna is here tomorrow, Vanna is here tomorrow!

Hey guys, did you hear that Vanna is going to be here in the UK tomorrow? Pretty awesome right?

In about 6 hours she’ll be on the plane in Minneapolis, in about 15 hours she’ll be on the plane in Paris and in about 16 hours I’ll be leaving the house to go get her from Newcastle airport. Hopefully she won’t have any problems or delays on her journey, and it’ll be a quick and easy flight. As far as I’m aware (not that I’m aware of much…I’m guessing all those times above), Europe hasn’t had much snow (well, the UK certainly hasn’t so I’m going to assume everywhere else is fine too…that’s how it works, right?) so Vanna shouldn’t have an issue…mind you, I thought that last time she was here and she had an eight-hour delay in Amsterdam on the way home because the toilet was broken. Hmm. Hopefully there won’t be any problems in that…area…either.

Anyway, I’ve been busy this afternoon with the last-minute preparations going on here. Well I just woke up from an hour nap…and before that I was watched four episodes of Arrested Development…BUT before that I was busy, washing my bedding, sorting out my wardrobe and generally just helping tidy the house. My room won’t be perfect, but it won’t matter to Vanna. Not because she’ll be too tired to care too happy to care, but because she knows what I’m like. I think she accepted a long time my brain can’t understand how to clean things like she does (my mind: “Ah it’s clean enough.” Vanna’s mind: “AH! Where’s the scrubber?!”). I’ve made an effort this time though, so that should count for something. Hopefully.

Right, I need to go nap do things, so I’ll leave it at. I’ll let you know tomorrow how Vanna’s flight went.

Ah, I’m so excited!



P.S Laptop is going well. Figured out most of it. Found the camera and everything.

Though taking the picture took me a little longer...
Took me a little longer to suss out how to take the picture though…

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