Bad News, But We’re Staying Positive

It isn’t a good and happy blog post today, people. Vanna missed her flight last night. It was brought forward by an hour, and she missed last call by ten minutes. The plane was still docked, but unfortunately their policy means they couldn’t let her on. There was nothing either of us could do.

So, neither of us are in the best of spirits today. Obviously it wasn’t what we wanted or needed, and we’re both devastated it happened. It was even worse for Vanna; she tried so hard to get there only to be disappointed at the end. Very frustrating, but what can we do? There is nothing we can change, so we’re both trying to stay positive. There’s no point crying, or worrying, or fretting, or anything. It’s done, and that’s that.

Not all is lost, however. Vanna has managed to schedule a new flight! Because it’s Christmas and therefore very busy, most of the flights are fully booked. But she will be on a plane Christmas Eve, and at Newcastle airport early Christmas morning…providing all goes well, of course (can’t take anything for granted, especially not now). Yes, we lost 6 days as a result, but meeting my love on the 25th isn’t a bad Christmas present, is it? There’s a certain romance to it. And, keeping positive, most of our plans are after Christmas anyway, so it’s not like we’ve had to rearrange all our dates. And thanks the guy on the Delta Service desk waived the fee for her…so that’s something. I probably wouldn’t have been as okay with the news had I needed to pay £300 to have a week less with my fiancée.

So yeah…there we go. Not great, but we’ll get by. We always do.

Catch you later,



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