Last Minute Preparations…

For the second time in a week, I’ve been cleaning my room ready for Vanna’s arrival. I was hoping last Wednesday’s sweep would have been enough, but no, it wouldn’t do, so I went over it all again. Sure, there isn’t a great deal to cleaning (my room is hardly massive) but still it was more than I wanted to do. Not only did I have to hoover AGAIN, I had to dust AGAIN, change my bedding AGAIN (this delay has thrown my annual washing schedule out, I tell ya) and sort out my wardrobe AGAIN (Vanna wants 3 hangers for her dresses…who does she think she is?!). Ridiculous. I don’t know how I managed to cope.

But it’s all done now, and once again, I’m ready. Early night tonight with the alarm set at 7.30 so I’m conscious for the drive up to the airport. Hopefully Vanna won’t have any delays, but given the severe storms the UK has had recently (that are still ongoing), I’m not optimistic it’ll be an easy journey for either of us. Especially after last week’s last-minute disaster, I’m staying grounded (yeah, I did) with my expectations this time. I’ll check the flight tracker in the morning and see where we stand. The storm is mostly attacking South England, but that doesn’t mean it’ll all go to plan. Even though Vanna’s layover is now in Amsterdam (where the weather appears to be okay) and not in France (where, not only is it bad, would mean she’d fly over the UK first), there’s no guarantees. So yeah, fingers crossed.

Ignoring my flight fears, my main worry is finding a way to pass the time as fast as possible. I know I’m going to be like a restless child tonight, I just know. Much like I was in my youth, I’ll be too excited to sleep and will spend most of the night checking the clock on a ten minute basis, waiting for the moment where it is acceptable to wake up (“No Alex, we’re not opening your presents at 3 in the morning!”). But who can blame me? I might not have a games console waiting for me under the tree, but I do have a 5″5 (and a half!), blonde, [REDACTED] pound American to meet in the morning. She’s an unconventional present, I grant you that, but one that is worth at least a million Xbox Ones. And maybe two million Playstation 4s (as much as I find the new Xbox underwhelming – I will discuss my thoughts on it eventually – I would never switch to their rivals).

Anyway, to help make the next 17 hours go a little quicker, I’ve planned out my activities for the rest of the evening.

  1. Skype Vanna for the last time (until mid April) at 5:30.
  2. Xbox, work on my book, eat until 3:30 when Vanna should be on the plane.
  3. Amuse myself for thirty minutes watching the little plane icon slowly move up Canada.
  4. Bored of that, Xbox again until I should get ready for bed.
  5. Unable to sleep, watch Arrested Development (into Season 3 now…the ride is almost over) and Lizard Lick Towing until I fall asleep…probably around 3am.
  6. Wake up every hour until 7, when I’ll finally be able to get up and get dressed.

Not sure how effective this strategy will be, but that’s what I’m going to do. In an ideal world I’ll just crash out at midnight and not wake up once, but I know that’s not going to happen. Insomnia…the true magic of Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everybody. And good luck to those of you stuck in the storms trying to get home. I can’t imagine that being much fun.




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