Meeting The Family

Had a lovely day visiting my family with Vanna. She didn’t meet them when she was here in 2011, so it was important to catch up before we both leave for the States. And I’m glad to say we had a really good time (or at least I think we did!). We toasted our engagement, we had some nice food, pleasant conversation….we enjoyed ourselves. Vanna was happy to see them, and I think they were happy to see her too. We even grouped together for a couple of pictures! One serious…

Looking presentable…

…and two funny.

Attempt 1. My Uncle H (on the right) was just too good.
Attempt 2!

Prior to family time, we took Vanna to Alnwick and Barter Books. As I need to cut back on my belongings for moving to the US, I brought a bag of unwanted books with me in the hope that I could trade them in like I did on my last two trips. Both times I managed to sell all the books, and I was hoping to do the same here. Alas it wasn’t to be, and BB only took half the pile. *sigh* Not only did they give back the hardbacks (the books I was most desperate to get rid of), I only got £11 in credit for what they did take. Not very impressive, especially when there was a load of books on my wishlist. Humph.

I still did pretty well though. I wasn’t able to increase my collection of Stephen King or Dean Koontz, but I did get 5 Karin Slaughter novels; two that I read once from the library 5 years ago, and three of her newest stories. She’s one of my favourite authors so I’m looking forward to reading them over the next few months. Good material for the plane journeys and for those cold days in Minnesota when we have to stay in the house and there’s nothing good on television. I also spent £10 on Vanna (I know, I’m such a good fiance for treating her like that) as she wanted some books on cats. I didn’t think much of them but they must be good as they were more expensive than my novels. I guess the demand for cats warrants a higher price? Only 30p mind, but still…what’s up with that?

Anyway, we didn’t just go to BB. After satisfying Vanna’s cat habit, we went around Alnwick so Vanna could see the marketplace, the castle, the historic streets etc. She took a load of pictures which I’ll try to upload tomorrow evening. First though, Vanna and I have a football match to attend! Sunderland are playing Carlisle in the F.A Cup at 2pm, and my dad got us all tickets. I’m not sure how good a game it will be (Sunderland aren’t exactly wowing the world with their performances), but it’ll be a new experience for Vanna and hopefully she’ll enjoy it. Yeah, it’ll be freezing cold and she won’t have a clue what is going on, but hey, when has disinterest and bad weather stopped someone from having fun?

Hmm…I’ll let you know how it goes.



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