A Few Pictures From The Football

Just got back from Sunderland v Carlisle at the Stadium of Light. It wasn’t a bad game, and Sunderland won 3-1 to progress into the next round of the cup. I’ve missed watching live football so it was good to be back there, and I think Vanna enjoyed the experience too. She wasn’t too impressed by the quality on offer, but I reckon she’d go again if we had the opportunity. Maybe if Chelsea did another US tour I could persuade her to make the trip to one of the games….hmm. We’ll see.

As promised, I brought my camera with. I was too uncomfortable to take photos during the game (I don’t like playing the tourist!), but I got plenty beforehand. Enjoy.

My brick!
Vanna with my brick!
Getting ready for the game.
Other side.
Carlisle fans starting to take their seats. 6000 made the journey.
Oooh, it can show adverts too. High tech!
Vanna stole my fur lining. I wasn’t happy.
Wrapped up warm.
Out come the players. First Carlisle…
And then the Sunderland players too.
Running about.
Shooting practice.
About time Sunderland fans!
As I said, 6000 Carlisle fans. They were great all game. Sadly their team didn’t match up to it.
The players line up.
Handshakes. Kickoff seconds away.
1-1 at the break. Time for the half-time Bovril.












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