Vanna here.

Yesterday afternoon, Alex and I went to a pantomime! I had never been to (or heard of) one, so I was going in having no idea what to expect.


It was a comical musical, basically. The humor was very slap-stick and geared towards children, but it was enjoyable for the adult audience as well. I normally hate forced humor or any type of comedy, it makes me frown in disgust more than smile; if it is written in a script and rehearsed, it isn’t funny to me.
But I was pleasantly surprised with how easily I was sucked in to the humor of the show.

As all theater experiences go, we had a large group of young children on a field trip behind us (two rows worth!) (4, 5, 6, and 7 yr). I was unhappy at this to start (the chair kicking didn’t help), but once the show started I was glad they were there. Children always have dramatized reactions to jokes and thrills, so it helped me feel engulfed into the atmosphere.

We went to the Theatre Royal, Newcastle Upon Tyne to see Jack and the Beanstalk.

WITH AMAZING 3D SPECIAL EFFECTS! Actually, I was really impressed with the 3D – I even had the urged to stick my hand out and push the image away (scary spiders!) like you see in advertisements.

The story was very well put together, and there was never a dull or bland moment throughout the entire show. I was able to understand the actors accents while talking and singing, so that was an added bonus. The Geordie accent is very very hard to understand when you are not from the area. The only disappointment I had was that I didn’t fully get the jokes that were made, as they were geared towards the area (which I obviously am not they went over my head). But even with that, I still really enjoyed the show.
I thought the actors were brilliant and the amount of theatrics they put in were outstanding.

There was a lot of audience interaction (one woman even had popcorn thrown upon her… I was so glad it wasn’t me) which kept the show lively. We even helped Jack battle the giant by throwing “stottie cakes” at him. I wasn’t originally given any to throw, only the children, but because they were all behind me I was hit in the back of the head with most of them, giving me a chance to throw them and defeat the giant!

We weren’t able to take pictures during the show, so here are some pictures I stole off the website:

the cow, Moo Moo, was my favorite character
Princess Apricot and the Queen
the tall man in yellow was the “town idiot” and was Alex’s favorite character
pie throwing – kids LOVED it
every story needs a fairy godmother
As the norm with pantomimes, men play the female characters
the giants main man… he actually scared me when I first saw him. I wasn’t expecting the villain to be so creepy when there were children in the audience!
The finale


So yeah, I really enjoyed the show. Next year they will be doing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which I would love to see if we were in the country.

After the show we caught the train to Durham and ate at Chiquitos (Mexican restaurant) and had a delicious meal! Alex also managed to have 6 alcoholic drinks, so he was a bit giggly the walk home. It was our second time going to the place, and I wish we could go back a few more times before we leave the country.
I had a beautiful peach daiquiri, which was the best drink I have ever consumed in my life!
Click here for their website so you can see their deliciousness for yourselves.

That’s about all I have to say for now, I guess.


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