Not Long Now…

In eight hours Vanna and I will be heading to the airport for our flight to Minneapolis. As we’re leaving sometime around 2am (the flight isn’t until 5.55am but we don’t want to miss it!), I’ve decided to not bother trying to sleep tonight. Probably a bad idea given how I can’t sleep on planes…but eh, maybe if I’m completely shattered I’ll be able to doze for a bit. I’ll give it a go.

Anyway, we’ve spent most of today packing our suitcases. Not too stressful, but trying to pack everything we need/want while meeting weight restrictions wasn’t easy. We have two suitcases and three big bags but we’re still going to have to leave some stuff here. Annoying, but I reckon we’ve done a good job. Well, I say ‘we’…mostly it was Vanna. It is safe to say Splat cat and I didn’t really pull our weight.

We’re helping!
What, you want me out of the suitcase? I don’t think so!

But it is all sorted now, no worries. Except for a few cables (laptop, iPod) and my rucksack, we’re ready. I’m just glad Vanna’s suitcase has wheels because that thing is ridiculously heavy. Bah. It feels like there is a person hidden in it.

Anyway (again), that’s all from me for now. I promise I will talk about Vanna’s 19 days here (how it went, what we enjoyed, what we regret not doing etc), but at this moment I need food, so it’ll have to just wait until later this week (as much as I love blogging, I love food more…sorry). As for our journey, I’ll send an update tomorrow when we’re safely at Vanna’s. We should be home around 6pm local time (midnight for UK people)…but failing that I’ll post on Wednesday. I’ve posted the flight details below in case you want to track us.

Right then. I’ll speak to you guys later. Providing the plane doesn’t crash and burn, of course. But, uh, I’m sure that won’t happen. I’m thinking positive. Happy thoughts!

Bye (for now, not forever),

Alex (and Vanna)


Flight Details (for those of you who care!)

Newcastle —-> Amsterdam

Depart: 05:55

Arrive: 08:20 (local time)

Delta Airlines, DL9299

Amsterdam —-> Minneapolis

Depart: 10:20

Arrive: 12:30 (local time)

DL9299 Delta Airlines





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