This Weather Is Snow Joke (Yeah I know, Bad Pun…I’m Tired, All Right?)

We’re home! Got back at midnight and went straight to bed. Well, after we’d brought everything from the car (and there was a lot of it) into the house, of course. The car was only fifty yards (if that) from the door but that was far enough for me. No wind thankfully, but it was still darn cold and very snowy. I was glad I had my winter coat, trapper hat and snow boots (more on that shortly) on, otherwise it would have been even worse. Urgh. Spending these winter months in Minnesota is definitely going to be a new experience for me. But I’m excited to do it nonetheless.

Anyway, the journey from Durham, England (my house) to Breezy Point, Minnesota (my new house). It was…all right. Gather round, children, and I’ll tell you all about it (well, not all…it wasn’t that exciting. I’ll summarize).

Durham to Newcastle Airport:

Um, the car journey was straightforward. Not long after 3am so the roads were quiet. Got there okay…so yeah.

Newcastle to Amsterdam:

After we’d checked in our luggage (both got heavy tags but no extra fees; we were just under the limit), Vanna and I got our tickets and headed to departure. The plane was packed full but as we’d checked in early we were able to pick seats together. I had the window seat so I got some nice views of England at night. Once that novelty wore out, I listened to music and read Hemlock Grove (the book that the Netflix show is based on; Vanna bought it for me from Waterstones last week) while Vanna tried to nap. It was a short, uneventful journey. Easy.

Amsterdam to Minneapolis:

Urgh. Long, long, long queue to get through Amsterdam’s security. We got through okay, only to then be carted into a lounge area that was nowhere near big enough to fit all the passengers in. Vanna and I sat on the hard floor but hey, no big deal, we’d only be there for thirty minutes tops. Oh wait, make that an hour; the flight crew are stuck in traffic. Awesome.


Finally we got on and took our seats together (a nice European fellow traded with Vanna). The plane had fancy new touch screen televisions in the headrest, which was pretty cool. Sadly I didn’t really get to use it much as I was too exhausted to watch anything. I tried watching Two Guns, but I kept dozing off. Not that I got any good sleep; the discomfort in my stomach (I just felt sick all the time) and in my legs meant I’d wake up after a few minutes, more tired than before. This stop start sleeping method continued on for the next eight hours, with the only interruptions being when I ate or went to the bathroom. Not much fun. I did set a new high score on the Trivia game though, so that was something. Otherwise I was just happy to land and get off the plane. Thankfully that didn’t take long!

Oh wait, there was a crane in the runway, so we had to wait to be towed in. A process made even longer because people kept standing up, stopping the plane from finishing its taxiing. Argh.

At last though we got off…and then joined an incredibly long queue to get through Customs. I got to my desk before Vanna got to hers, which was surprising, but the biggest surprise was what happened next…

I Got Through Straight Away!

The guy asked me a handful of questions, and seemed unimpressed by my answers. I then played my ‘here’s the paperwork to show we’re doing it legally’ card, and that must have swayed him because he stamped my card and sent me through! The first time ever I’ve managed to get through customs without a long wait in the interview area! Wooo! I waited for Vanna and then we were away! Woo!

But that’s not all. A TSA officer reads my blog! He followed us out (well, I think he did…I turned around and he was there) and started talking about how we’d have to be careful about doing 90 trips in case a flight is delayed by a day. At this point I assumed he had been Vanna’s agent, especially when he continued to say that hopefully this would be the last time we’d do it if our paperwork went through, and then congratulated us on our engagement. Vanna must have been telling him our story at the desk! But hold on, Vanna had a woman…what’s going on? Only his last remark put the pieces together. I can’t remember the words exactly, but he complimented my blog! A follower! Alas, he walked off before either Vanna or I could react. But hey, that’s pretty cool, right? I’m famous…sort of! If you’re reading this, Mr TSA office, hello! And thank you for the advice!

Naturally I was rather happy at this. Maybe not smug…but not far off.

Minneapolis to Breezy Point:

As I mentioned yesterday, our first port of call was to Vanna’s grandparents in St Paul. We had a nice catch up, and I received a very thoughtful Winter Survival Box. Not only did it include long underwear, gloves (proper winter ones) and thick socks, I also got a big, warm pair of winter boots! To say I was happy to have them when I discovered I would have to wade through a foot of snow was an understatement, so thank you Lynn, Steve and Ben for those! Much appreciated!

And that brings us back to the present. We don’t really have any plans for today, except for unpacking our suitcases, putting our clothes away etc. Oh, and getting the Xbox set up. Obviously. I would take pictures of the weather for my readers back home (or in any place where heavy snow is only seen in films) but my camera and batteries have yet to be reunited. I’ll do that sometime tomorrow. As for now, I should probably go help Vanna before she yells at me.

Speak to you all later,



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