A Day To Relax…At Last

Boy, I’m so happy it is Monday today. After four (or more, I’ve lost count) consecutive days of late nights and early starts, I finally get the chance to lie in. No work (for Vanna), no serious chores…nothing. No doubt I’ll end up having to do something (like shovel snow off our driveway), mind, but for now I’m just going to enjoy being able to stay in bed for a little longer. It’s a good feeling.

Despite my complaints about being tired, I have had a very enjoyable first week in Minnesota. Every day has been enjoyable, including yesterday,  when Vanna and I went to her mother’s for a family meal.  It was good to catch up, and the food was delicious. The main was turkey, stuffing, rutabagas (never had them before, or heard of them, but they taste more or less like turnips), potatoes, green bean casserole, biscuits (like buns) and of course, gravy. Dessert we had jelly with fruit (well, I did…ate practically the whole bowl) and rhubarb bars (a combination of pie and crumble) that were made especially for me. As I say, it was all delicious, and it took major mental strength not to pig out. Vanna and I weighed ourselves for some reason, though I think the dieting may have to wait a few days. After Friday and Sunday, plus the leftovers we’ve brought back…we probably haven’t gotten off to the best of starts. Still, it was worth it. I’m already drooling just thinking about the bars in the fridge…mmm.


So yeah, we had a really good time out in Palisade. Sadly I was too busy stuffing my face to go outside and take pictures (I really like the area there, and I was curious to see how it would look under a few feet of snow). BUT I did spend half an hour playing playdoh with Vanna’s three-year old niece, Marley Jo. I was pretty creative with my doh. Just look at what I made!

My first attempt. It’s a snail, in case you were struggling.
Racing Car. Note how I even added the driver’s helmet…it’s the tiny details that make it such a masterpiece.
I made that in seconds. I’m not just gifted, I’m also efficient.
Me posing with the models. I was unprepared and blinded by the flash. See how I’ve turned the sheep/bull into my initial? That’s genius right there.

Impressive, huh? I think I could easily be a world-famous sculptor if I took my modelling skills into marble or something. What do you reckon? …No?

…Oh. Never mind then.






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