Ice Fishing Pictures (Story To Follow!)

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s Ice Fishing Extravaganza. I couldn’t take many because of the cold (more on that later) but I tried my best (Vanna helped on the way out). I’ll tell you the full story about what happened yesterday on Monday; I’m a bit of a hurry this morning/early afternoon and have to go…well now.

Enjoy the pictures (there are more here, if you want to see more of the event…alas, they didn’t include any of us).

Oh, and I probably should add that we didn’t win a truck, or even an ATV. We didn’t get on the leaderboard (top 150 catches) at all, so no prizes for us. Why didn’t we? Well…mostly because we didn’t manage to catch a fish.


Ahem. I’ll, uh, explain later.


Before the Event:

Getting started:

Time For Home:


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