A Weather Update

So it looks like there is another polar vortex making its way across the US. How fantastic is that? Already we’re down to -25c (yeah, the proper scale) which you’d think is bad enough…but it supposedly feels like -37c! Even worse! I’m not entirely sure what this ‘feels like’ business is supposed to be, or how they figure it out (it sounds like something you’d hear in a conversation between two old ladies…who aren’t really known for their scientific credentials), but I’m not going to question it. -37c! I’ve lived my entire life in the -10c to 30c range…safe, happy. Every day here though is a new experience. And not a good one. I’m coping with the cold, but this is getting ridiculous. Why Vanna decided to be born here is beyond me (because it was totally her choice you know). Why couldn’t she have picked somewhere warm? I don’t want tropical but please, somewhere that doesn’t stray too far away from ‘ooh, it’s slightly chilly this winter!’ (I thought I’d try using the scientific method for describing temperature). Like the UK. But, well…nicer.

Urgh. -25c. Looks like I’ll be staying indoors today. No, scrap that…looks like I’ll be staying in bed today. It’s too cold to move anywhere else. Even exposing my hands to type this out is too much for me.

Speak to you all later…when it’s warmer (so, that’ll be when I get home in April).



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