Anya The Cat Pictures

Anya the Cat doesn’t sound as good as Splat the Cat, does it? Vanna says Anya Kitty Kitty when she’s playing with her but I don’t like that either. Hmm…I’ll have to give it a think. If this becomes a more regular feature I want to have a good calling card for her.

Anyway, after watching My Cat From Hell we’ve been working on Anya to make her less…well, feral. And so far it has worked! She spends more time with us, is less aggressive, and more understanding of our boundaries. She even cuddled up to me last night when we were watching television. There is still some work to be done, but we’ve seen a big improvement in her behaviour. As soon as she stops waking us up at 6.30am I think we’ll be golden.

To prove Anya’s recent success, Vanna tried to take pictures of her yesterday afternoon. Normally this doesn’t go down well, and either she would run away or attack, but this time? No problem at all. Anya was practically posing for the camera!




P.S We had a warm day yesterday…it nearly reached 0c (zero Celsius)! Back to normal today though…damn polar vortex.



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