Successful Ice Fishing Pictures!

Had a great time ice fishing yesterday. Not only did I not freeze (though it did get a bit cold by the end), I was there to witness Vanna catching her very first ice fished (uh, the first time she’s caught a fish ice fishing…if that helps) fish! The ‘Northern’ (I pressed Vanna for a more precise name, but that’s all I got) is in our freezer now, ready to be gutted and then fried. Will it taste nice? No idea (I don’t even know what it is…), but I’m willing to give it a go. I’ll let you know if it was worth the effort.

As promised, I took pictures while we were out on the ice. Sadly I don’t have enough time to talk you through my experience this morning, but hopefully the photos will do that for me. Enjoy!

It’s Snowing…

I wonder who cleaned Vanna’s car…they did a great job…

That’s not a field, people.

Work Over, Off To Pelican Lake!

Here’s our bait.
Oh, where did the snow go?

On The Lake!

Becky’s tent.
Two fish she caught earlier…
I’m standing on water!
Not far from our vehicles.

Inside The Tent!

I see Vanna…
Bait and bobber.

I’m winning!


Becky’s first catch! (when we were there)
Vanna’s got a bite…
Reel him in!
Vanna’s catch! Pose was her idea…
I wasn’t impressed.
Vanna’s frozen fish.

Time To Go Home…

(dI should add we moved the fish before Vanna started to drive)

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