Heading North

On Thursday, Vanna and I will be leaving the Brainerd Lakes area for a weekend trip to Bemidji (the first city on the Mississippi according to their website). The main purpose of our visit is to see a couple of Vanna’s friends who are studying at Bemidji University, but I’m hoping this trip will also give me an opportunity to explore the area. Though Vanna has been there before, I’ve never ventured beyond Duluth so I’m excited to see what Bemidji is like.

As the beautifully drawn red line shows, I have not yet left the Brainerd – Twin Cities – Duluth triangle during my time in Minnesota.

It would probably be nicer if it wasn’t winter (the further north you get, the colder it is…man, just when I was getting used to weather that was warmer than -20c!) but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. I’ll be bringing my camera and plenty of batteries for sure. My laptop too, though that will be more for the Chelsea game on the Saturday morning than for blogging purposes…sorry but no doubt there will be plenty uploaded on my return!).

Anyway, that’s what we will be up to later this week. Nothing else going on really, other than work. Well, I say work as if it is both of us, but of course it is just Vanna putting in a shift. Just, as I usually tag along with her, I like to pretend it is my work too…even though I just sit on the chair and watch T.V (I occasionally play games on my laptop to, you know, vary it up). But hey, someone’s got to nothing while everyone else grafts, right?







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