State Dance Tournament Pictures

Sorry for the lack of activity this week folks. It’s been a little hectic and I’ve not really had a lot of time at home (with this glorious internet…how I’ve missed you!). But I’m free today, so here I am, ready to blog! Wahoo!

What? No applause. Fine then.


Anyway, I’ve finally uploaded the pictures from our weekend in Minneapolis for the State Dance Tournament (we went because Vanna’s mother’s boyfriend’s daughter Sammy was part of the Aitkin All Starz team). I’ll narrate the pictures today (I used my camera infrequently so there are a lot of time jumps) and tomorrow (or given how we’ll be out all morning from 7am, probably Saturday) I’ll review the weekend in more detail. Sound good? Good!

Right then. Back to last Friday!

The Hotel and Target Center

We checked in to the hotel at half ten. We didn’t have much time before the event started at half eleven, especially not with Sammy’s team performing first. Though it was only twenty minutes to the Target Center (I know, I want to say Centre but it is the official name so I’ll just have to accept it…), we still had to buy our tickets and find seats, so we more or less dropped off our bags and left.  Of course, I took a few pictures from the window first.

The reflection ruined them somewhat, but it was a good view.

And while everyone else was queuing for tickets, I went outside to check out the buildings.

The Tournament

According to populace and financial backing, the schools at the tournament are split three categories; A, AA, and AAA. The 12 A teams (including Aitkin) would perform first in the morning. Once each routine had been completed, the 6 finalists would be announced. They would then return late afternoon to perform again, with the top 3 receiving their awards once the judges scores had been totaled up.

The same happens with the AA and AAA. Friday was the Jazz competition, and Saturday the High Kick. Consequently there would be 6 winners; Jazz A, Jazz AA, Jazz AAA and High Kick A, High Kick AA, High Kick AAA.

Make sense? Good!

Here’s a few pictures from the arena. I was happy to sit at the back, but the safety bars were a little obstructive…

Jazz! (and some very blurry photos)

The teams lining up for the introductions. Aitkin are in the blue and white walking in front of the empty black table.

Aitkin Allstarz in action…

Everyone has performed (like I said…time jumps), now we are to learn who the finalists will be. Here they line up once more.

No picture of it but Aitkin were one of the six! Woo! Time for lunch.

Jazz Finals!

Random picture of a AA team coming out. We stood here for a while, but I didn’t like it. Though you got a better angle of their positioning from the end of the stadium, I don’t think it is as enjoyable to watch side on.

Found our reserved seats and watched Aitkin perform again. Go Sammy!

The final announcement…who will be 3rd? Who will be 2nd? Who will win?

Aitkin came third! I was not happy about it, and believed it to be a grave injustice (they were far better than the team who came first, and were worthy of at least second). As a consequence, I was too angry to take pictures…so I had to pinch take this from the Aitkin Independent Age (online). Thanks for not being sore losers like me, AIA.

And here’s a nice picture of Sammy with her brother and dad.


Up early ready to support the Aitkin Allstarz in High Kick. I was even wearing the T-Shirt!

High Kick!

Not many pictures this time because I forgot to pack fully charged batteries…whoops. Still, I managed to capture Aitkin’s routine.

And then the line up for finalists…Aitkin made it! As they should…their high kick team is phenomenal. I never get tired of watching them.

Pictures of Minneapolis

Found some batteries, so while we were waiting for the final, Vanna and I wandered around so I could take pictures.

Random Shots of AA/AAA High Kick!

High Kick Finals!

Vanna and I had scored all the teams, and predicted 5 of the 6 finalists. Here’s our sheet ready for the final (and we’re not being bias about Aitkin…honest).

Allstarz starting their routine. I actually filmed it all on my camera, but I’m not sure whether to upload it or not. If I do, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Killing Time…

“Smooties! Smooties anyone? Smooties!” That guy was great.

Final Announcements!

First, Sammy is chosen to be on the team of the tournament!

Now they line up to hear who made it into the top 3…

…Aitkin Allstarz win the gold! First place!!! Thoroughly deserved (I didn’t take a picture of our final scores, but Aitkin were first by a margin again). As I was happy with the result, I took photos of the celebrations.

After with Sammy..

And That Was That…

We went home and Sammy celebrated with her friends. My thoughts on the competition? You’ll get those Friday…or Saturday.

Bye for now,



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