Savage Kitty

I’m afraid to say, people, that my blog plans have changed. I did intend on writing about my dance experience in the cities today, but that will have now have to wait until tomorrow (providing nothing else goings awry…it has been an unpredictable month). Why? Well, for once, I do have genuine reasons. 3 in fact. 

  1. I’m very, very, very tired: I woke up at 6:30 this morning(!) to watch my team play (that’s dedication folks). I had a late night as well, so not much sleep at all. I would doze now and blog later, but that isn’t possible because…
  2. We’ll be leaving the house in thirty minutes: I don’t have time to sleep. Vanna is going to Aitkin for a wedding expo with her mother. Understandably I don’t want to go (also, I wasn’t invited), but I don’t really want to be left in the house on my own…so I’m going to Becky’s for the day. Much like you’d drop off a child somewhere when you are going out for dinner, Vanna is leaving me there before she goes. Not that I mind; Becky has a lovely house.
  3. My hand was ravaged last night! Ravaged, I say! This is the most valid reason for not writing anything more than 500 words; most of my left hand is bandaged up, and my typing ability has been severely hindered as a consequence. Why? Anya the Cat. She was scratching the sofa when we were watching television and I foolishly put down a hand to stop her. Anya…Anya became frightened. Something happened I don’t know what exactly but seconds later, Anya had fled the scene (she jumped a foot in the air…very convincing act, but I don’t buy it…she did it deliberately…) and my hand was dripping blood. Awesome.
    The crime (or result of) and the culprit.
    No guilt, no mercy, no remorse.

So there we go. It’s difficult to type this morning. And I’m traumatized by last night’s events. Hopefully I won’t have physical scars for the rest of my life. As for the mental scars? Well let’s just hope they heal too…

Be strong for me. And the dance blog? Tomorrow. I’ll get there. I’m a fighter.



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