Like your favourite band (or even a band you’ve heard of; I feel like every band I like has this phase in their evolution), I’m announcing a hiatus. This hiatus is about the blog obviously, and not my ascending music career. But unlike your favourite band’s hiatus, which probably lasted a couple of years (and then led into a ‘reunion tour’ or failing solo careers), the blog will be out of action for maybe a week or so. I know a week isn’t a big deal (a lot of the blogs I read are updated weekly, some monthly), but as someone who prides himself on posting every day (or at least every other day), I thought I should mention something before I go quiet.

Now, this isn’t something to worry about. Everyone is fine, Vanna and I are fine, and this announcement is not meant to sound dramatic (though I appreciate it probably does sound dramatic). The simple truth is that blogging can’t be a priority for me right now as we have other things we need to do. Planning a future ain’t easy you know. So I gotta focus my attention elsewhere for a little while. But I’ll be back soon.

Thanks for understanding,



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