Ice Fishing Photos

Hello everyone! I’m back! All is well here…the snow is melting, my beard is as unkempt as ever, and despite some minor slip ups, Chelsea are still top of the league (for now at least). Got to go home in a few weeks, but less said about that the better. Generally, Vanna and I are feeling good about things (how good is True Detective??) and we’re looking forward to enjoying the rest of our time together.

Uh, I’m sorry I was gone for three weeks. I didn’t plan to be AWOL for that long but I got side-tracked with various things and next thing I knew it was mid-March. Scary, really. But I’m back now, so there we go.

What’s been going on while I’ve been away? What have you missed out on? Well, don’t worry about it because this week I’m going to catch you up on what I’ve been up to since I last blogged, starting with my ice fishing trips! Woo!

So, Saturday before last Becky and I went out in the hope of catching some big fish before the ice melted (yes, I walked on it even knowing that fact). I can’t say we were very successful because we, well, weren’t…but I enjoyed the experience regardless. And of course, I took lots of photos throughout the day (I had the time to after all), so although I can’t revel in catching a whopper, I can at least show you something. Enjoy!

Fishing Trip 1: Misson Lake (or Mission…don’t ask me)

In case you didn’t get it, with these pictures, I’m telling you it is really early.


Auger! …Not Working
My ice hole.
My ice hole and fishing rod


Becky’s first (and only) catch…a small perch. Look at our magnificent success!
Becky left me to pick up supplies. Five minutes later, this happened. That’s two hooks tangled up because somehow I managed to reel in Becky’s bait. My big catch was the fishing rod two feet away…

Fishing Trip 2: Mississippi River


Leaving the house for day two…you can see the ground now!
Practically summer!

On the Mississippi

See the plane? It was flying low, but it took me too long to get my camera ready…sorry.
Becky has 3 dogs. This is Miss Poops A Lot Real Close To Where You Are Trying To Fish. Or Billy. One of the two.
He’s not with us. Well he is, but we don’t want him to be. This is Pees On Augers…or Gizmo.
Miss “I’m going to lick your face when you look away” Bailey.
Mr “Can I eat your bait? And then push snow into your ice hole?” Dane.

“Wooo, let’s roll!”
“Stop, Stop! We’ve been caught! Stop already! Act normal!”
That’s reassuring.
Which way is he facing? I really can’t tell.
Auger stopped working again, what a surprise.

“Wait, where are you all going?”
“Thanks for waiting Poops A Lot and Licks A Lot. We can leave now.”

And that was about it for the Mississippi fishing excursion. The fact I have more pictures of Becky’s dogs than of my fishing endeavours sums the second trip up. But I did catch something on my first official trip out, which I think counts for something. I can’t eat it or anything (especially as Vanna threw it away without realizing it was my prize catch…clearly in jealousy) but it’s an achievement. A small one, granted, but an achievement nonetheless. Be proud of me people!

See you later,


P.S Happy belated St Paddy’s day people. I only mention it because I went to a St Paddy’s day parade on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, I brought my camera with. I’ll show you them tomorrow.


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