St Paddy’s Day Parade Pictures

Photography On The Citadel

Fair bit of alliteration in that title isn’t there? Hmm.

So, last Saturday I went to the Crosslake St Paddy’s Day Parade. It was pretty good, arguably better than the 4th of July parades I’ve went to in the past.  There was a lot more effort in the floats, and it wasn’t all just emergency vehicles, which was nice (I like fire trucks as much as the next guy, but it gets irritating when the fiftieth almost identical truck goes past you blaring its sirens). As always, I took lots of pictures. I must admit they aren’t my best work, for several reasons (I’m getting my excuses in early):

1) The sun was in my eyes. Not only did it stop me from seeing what I was taking pictures of, it meant the lighting wasn’t great.

2) The angle wasn’t good. To get everything in frame (a task not made…

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