Snow?! Please, No More!

Photography On The Citadel

This is an unplanned photography post, ladies and gentlemen. I was going to blog about some cherries today (yes, cherries), but thanks to Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, that didn’t seem as important once I looked out the window this morning. After all, it isn’t every day you wake up to a sod load (official measurement) of snow when only twelve hours earlier you’d been basking in the just over minus temperatures (practically tropical!) and nearly clear roads (ha, so much for that). Well, not to someone who is used to moderate English weather anyway, where nothing dramatic ever happens. So, instead of drafting my cherry blog, I went outside and took photos. Slideshow is below (it has changed since I last used it, so hopefully it works okay), with the originals under that. Enjoy!

P.S Because Vanna has my little point-and-shoot camera in her bag, I had to use her professional…

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