Cherries, Cherries And More Cherries

So, cherries. Had a lot of fun with cherries lately.

It all started with Vanna’s birthday, Tuesday 4th of March. It was a stressful time for Vanna, what with her dental issues (wisdom teeth removal, dry sockets), so I really wanted to treat her to something nice. Last year I sent her chocolate coated strawberries and she really, really loved them. Why not do that again? So, once more I went on Proflowers and ordered a dozen chocolate strawberries, and for an added treat, ten chocolate coated cherries. And because of a promotional offer, the order came with another ten cherries. Remember that; it will be very important shortly.

Now, because I’m a cool guy, I played it cool. I gave Vanna no indication she was getting anything whatsoever. Whenever she mentioned her birthday, I acted like there was nothing going on. Only on the morning of her birthday did I mention there might be a surprise coming. And then when it arrived and Vanna recognized the box…oh, she was excited. What can I say? I know what my lady wants.

Anyway, while she was tucking in I happened to notice there was something missing, namely the bonus ten cherries. Without letting onto Vanna, I checked my emails in case I’d misunderstood, but no, the order was 12 strawberries + 10 cherries, with another 10 cherries included. I contacted ProFlowers to let them know there was a mistake somewhere down the line, whether it was their website being misleading or one of the guys packing the order. I was a little annoyed, but Vanna was happy enough so I wasn’t going to make a big fuss out of it. She got her strawberries, and that was all that mattered.

But ProFlowers replied (very quickly, it has to be said) to my email. They apologized for the mistake, and said they would either send out the order again, or failing that, credit me with a full refund. Given that we ate the strawberries and found them to be delicious, I didn’t want to ask for money when there was nothing wrong with the quality of the product. So instead I picked another date, and looked forward to another batch of strawberries and cherries. Who wouldn’t want more of that? Yum!

Order two arrived that Friday (like I said, they were quick), but once again, there was only ten cherries! We ate them (and once again, they were delicious) and, though Vanna said not to bother, I contacted ProFlowers again to let them know. This time I explicitly stated I wasn’t interested in taking more; it was only a courtesy email to say the mistake had happened again (clearly someone wasn’t aware of the promotion, so I thought the feedback might be useful). And once again, ProFlowers got in touch and apologized for the missing cherries. Though I’d said we were okay, they insisted on sending twenty more cherries to make up for the missing ones in both orders. I’m a valued customer (woohoo, sign of adulthood!) and they didn’t want to lose my custom…fair enough then! Again…yum!

So, order three was on our door on Monday, and you’ll be glad to hear all twenty cherries were there. Well…for a little while anyway; chocolate coated strawberries are delicious, but chocolate coated cherries are even better. They were eaten in a matter of hours. Very, very nice.

And that’s the cherry story (probably more fun for us eating it than for you reading about us eating it). I didn’t contact ProFlowers again, but I did write them a good review on Google. And now I’m using the blog to recommend them to you guys too. Mistake aside, I couldn’t fault them. Their customer service is fantastic (less than 12 hours to respond) and the product? Unbelievably good (their flowers are pretty impressive as well!). This was the first time I’ve ever tried the strawberries and I’d happily have them again. Maybe next year I’ll order them again BUT not tell Vanna…hmm. Good idea that. But hey, nobody say anything to her, okay? She’ll never let me leave the house if she suspects I’m having chocolate strawberries on the side. Like a cheating husband gets caught by the lipstick on the collar, I’ll have a speck of chocolate in my beard and that will be the end of me. Still, I think it’s worth the risk…

Right…this conversation never happened.



Edit: I wrote and published this blog yesterday, but for some reason it stayed as a draft. I didn’t know until this morning (Sunday). Sorry folks.


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