Where Is Spring?!

Okay Minnesota, I’m starting to get tired with you. I could handle the bitter cold winds, the several feet of snow and the necessity of wearing two pairs of socks every day (even to bed sometimes), but I cannot handle all this false hope you keep giving me. Throughout March, you’ve went from minus temperatures and snow to sunny skies and “hey look, everything is melting! I can see green…well, brown!” only to then return with more snow and more minus temperatures. STOP IT! Every time we have a few nice days I get excited, start to think that maybe Vanna and I can go for a walk, or maybe I can get my bike out the garage and do a few miles along the Breezy Point road. But of course the weather decides to renege on the deal, and I’m left disappointed again.

This week is a perfect example of unpredictability. It was beautiful yesterday (a bit windy, but by Jove, it was almost a warm wind), and the day before that. It’s supposed to get over 50 degrees this weekend, whatever that means (I think it is good). So Vanna and I made plans to do something today; perhaps explore Pequot (though we checked out all the shops in Nisswa last summer, we’ve yet to give Pequot the same treatment) or downtown Brainerd. You know, walk around and see what is about. Vanna and I were looking forward to doing that. But then, when I woke up this morning, I was greeted with this:

So, Minnesota, I’m beginning to fall out with you. In future, have two, even three months of awful winter, get it out of your system…then let Spring take over. No more snow, no more arctic winds. Stop the three days nice, three days bad nonsense. It isn’t funny. And if you continue to toy with me? I’ll move to a warmer state where this doesn’t happen. And who will blog about you then, eh? Exactly. So, uh, buck your ideas up, Minnesota.

Take care,




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