Band T-Shirt Pics!


Here are a few pictures of the two band t-shirts I bought at the gig on Tuesday. We were planning to take more (Vanna and I posing together in our matching tops etc) but we’re in a little bit of a rush this morning because Vanna is giving blood! Obviously I would join her but foot and mouth, y’know, can’t do it. Ah well. I’ll just have to take pictures instead. Oh darn…

Heh. Anyway, here’s the Starset t-shirt. Isn’t it awesome?

And now for Trivium. First the front…

….And there’s the back. Look at the first name on that tour!




4 thoughts on “Band T-Shirt Pics!”


    where can I buy one???? I live in Mississippi and they have yet to have a concert near me but I LOVE THEM!!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      I bought mine at their gig in Minneapolis. I think you can get similar shirts (if not the same ones) online. Here’s one website from their twitter page.
      (I want the helmet, though $150 is a bit pricey for the novelty of owning it!)

      Failing that, they are going on another tour this winter with In This Moment. As a fan of both bands (both in my top 5), I’ll be going to their November gig in St Paul. I don’t know if they will be heading to Mississippi but it is called the ‘Black Widow Tour’ if you want to check it out.

      Hope that helps!


      P.S. Anthony (dad), Starset weren’t even born in the sixties. Sorry!

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