Two Years And One Week

So yesterday (but I only learned today) was the two-year anniversary of this blog’s registration. Isn’t that exciting? And yesterday was also the beginning of my final week in Minnesota. Isn’t that…not so exciting?

Yeah, we are both pretty bummed out by that. With the bad weather and Vanna’s busy schedule, we’ve not really had any opportunities to go places like we have in the past (we haven’t went to Duluth this trip, for example) so it doesn’t really feel like we’ve had four months together. But at the same time, having this long stretch together (longest we’ve had by a month) has shown us what being together permanently feels like, and going back now is even more depressing than usual. Especially now as it is starting to get nice out; the snow is melting at last, and it’s becoming warm enough to not need a coat (yesterday I walked down the road in just my t-shirt and jeans!). Typically really.

Anyway, though I have a lot to blog (there’s some stuff I’ve yet to mention, plus all those things I have mentioned but didn’t talk about, then said I would talk about them, only to then not talk about them again…), you can understand why I’m probably going to put it off for another week or so. Sorry, people. I know I’ve said this before. I just thought it was worth mentioning again.

But other than all that, Vanna and I are doing okay. We’re even thinking of having a picnic today. Exciting, eh?




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