Future Positivity

So I’ve still got this pesky cough. It’s getting better, but it is taking its sweet time. Urgh. Well, at least that tinfoil feeling has gone, and I’m sleeping much better. I’ll be much happier when I’m healthy again, mind.

*cough cough retching cough cough cough*

Anyway…today I have prepared for my medical examination next week. I’ll be heading down to London on Tuesday so I thought I should make sure I’m ready for it. Thankfully Vanna sorted most of it out already, but I filled in the last few details on the paperwork, double checked my train tickets and planned out my journey. The train to King’s Cross is direct from Durham, which is nice, but I still had to figure out how I was going to get from the station to the surgery. Can’t use the Underground because of strikes (and I hate the Underground), buses overwhelm me (foreign London buses? No thank you!) and taxis are expensive, so I’m ruling them out too. That leaves me with walking, which though in my control (probably why I don’t want public transport…I have to rely on other people), could easily go wrong as well. What if I get lost? My sense is direction is good, but it ain’t perfect. So I need to be ready. Time for Google maps!

1.8 miles which will take approximately 40 minutes…providing I don’t get lost or distracted.

Got it all written (plus a print off) so I don’t forget. Even followed it on Street View so I could get an idea of the route. My train is supposed to arrive in London before 2pm, and my appointment is at 3pm. If there are no delays, I should be able to make it pretty easily (walking less than two miles in 90 minutes has to be achievable, even for me). Same for getting the train home; if the appointment ends before half five, I’ll have plenty of time. Failing that, I’ll have taxi money just in case. Look at me being on the ball!

*another coughing fit* (signalling my coughing makes for a good segue)

So…though I wasn’t particularly keen on this compulsory trip to London, I’m quite excited about it now (should be nice weather, nice walk etc).  Not because I’m excited about my blood being taken, but doing it puts us (Vanna and I) another step closer to our goal. Being apart sucks but we’re trying to keep positive about the future. Last week we looked online for advice on the medical and the interview, and we found out some potentially good news. Our main concern was time; would it all get through before August (when we hope to have our ceremony)? These processes take a while, so we weren’t confident that three months would be enough. But the signs are in our favour; according to the responses we got on the forum Vanna signed up for, it takes around three weeks to get from medical to arranging the interview (the medical people are pretty quick passing on the results apparently), then another three or so weeks from the interview to getting the response. Based on that, everything could be worked out by mid June. Pretty awesome right?

Now, I should state that we’re not getting ahead of ourselves. There is a lot still be done (I have to pass the medical first, and then the interview), and times will vary for every applicant (only a few people answered; there could be others who waited months), so we can’t take too much from that information. But we’re looking at it positively. If it can be done that quickly, maybe we’ll be lucky. All we can do is hope for the best.

But that’s not all. Further reading in the forums suggested that the London Embassy isn’t overly strict when it comes down to relationship evidence (receipts, photos etc). We had been freaking out about proof (we foolishly didn’t keep anything from our first few trips, and our photos aren’t dated), but apparently they prefer to focus on the person in the interview, and ask them questions instead, which is something of a relief. Again, we aren’t getting carried away; we know it won’t be easy, and regardless of leniency, I need to go into the interview fully prepared. But we’re working on that; Vanna is going to send me a package with vouching signatures soon, while I’m going to figure out how to use this blog to my advantage (two years of documenting my actions should benefit me with plenty of proof!). So yeah, nothing guaranteed of course, but we’re feeling *somewhat* confident that things will go ahead. After all, we are genuine, we love each other, and face it, we’re adorable. It’s going to go well.

Fingers crossed it will, anyway.




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