It’s Going To Be A Tense Sunday Afternoon…

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to have some ‘man time’ (if everything goes well with the visa, these summer months might be the last time I see him for, well, years, so we have to make the most of it) with a trip to Sunderland to watch the football. Earlier this year when we took Vanna to her first live game, it was a nice atmosphere and there wasn’t much at stake (a cup game against lower opposition). Tomorrow, however, will be a lot different. Sunderland are fighting against relegation (for those unfamiliar with the term, relegation is where you are demoted to the league below), as are their opponents, Cardiff City, so there is a lot at stake for both sides. It is, as the old football cliché goes, a must win game.

Three points (what you get for a win) for either team would take them above the dotted line. (Table courtesy of BBC Sport)

As Sunderland and Cardiff both need to win it should be a good game…though it’ll probably a scrappy affair with lots of mistakes because neither team can’t afford to lose either. The atmosphere is going to be interesting too. The Sunderland fans will be loud and boisterous beforehand but it won’t take much to change that; if Sunderland start poorly or if it is still close near the end, they (not just the fans, the players too) are going to get nervous. Well, I say ‘they’ but I include myself in that. I may not support Sunderland but I am rooting for them and if the crowd starts to get anxious then it’ll affect me as well. Herd mentality and all that. No doubt I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat for most of it like the rest of them. I can’t help it…you get sucked in don’t you?

Of course, that’s not the only reason I’ll be tense; Chelsea are playing against Liverpool in what is realistically our last chance at the title. Win that game and we might, just might, still be in with a shout. Lose and it’s all over for sure. As the Chelsea match starts shortly after Sunderland’s ends, I will miss most of it while we’re in traffic trying to get home, which won’t help my nerves whatsoever (I hate listening to the radio…I need to see what is going on). Hopefully they’ll do well in my absence (I’ll take a dodgy 1-0) but I’m not holding out much hope.  *sigh*

But, uh, I am excited to see Sunderland and hopefully I’ll enjoy the experience. I’m not expecting high quality exciting football (if Sunderland and Cardiff were playing beautiful stuff, they wouldn’t be in this situation), but that doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining! I will bring my camera with, but I can’t make any guarantees; I doubt the people around me would appreciate me taking photos while the team’s future is in the balance*. I’ll see what I can do.

Have a good weekend everyone,



*By this, I mean I’ll probably be too self-conscious to take pictures. Everyone has their phones out taking pictures these days, so I doubt anyone would mind.


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