Preparing For The Medical…

So in a few hours (well, 16) I’ll be heading down to London for my medical examination. I’m excited to get it done (one step closer to the US!) but uh, not excited to get it done at the same time. And not just because it is a pricey ordeal either…let’s just say it is somewhat invasive (I have to take my shirt off!).


Anyway, I’m hoping it will be a nice day. The forecast is questionable; not cold, but it looks like the sunny spells are going to be spoiled by rain. As I intend to walk to the doctors from the station, it would be appreciated if the clouds stayed away for the afternoon.

Little bit nervous, though, about the journey. Well, the trains. I leave at 10:35 and I’m supposed to get there at 13:40. My appointment is at 15:10 so I should have enough time to get there (did a mile walk today which took less than twenty minutes, so Google’s approximate of 40 minutes for two miles is about right) BUT…hmm…I’m slightly worried that something will go wrong. I don’t know what, but something. And once I get the idea that I’m going to miss the appointment stuck in my head, I can’t help but worry, regardless of how stupid the scenario is (“what if it rains so much all of London floods? Oh man!”). But there’s nothing I can do about it now. I just have to remember I have a plan B – Taxi – so I will be fine.

Yeah…I’ll be fine.

But hey, at least I’ll be okay afterwards; the appointment is supposed to take around 90 minutes, and I have a couple of hours to play with even if it takes longer than that, which is good. I’m quite looking forward to being able to walk slowly back to the station (I’ll still end up rushing because when I’m walking alone I feel obligated to stride to my destination). And as I plan to bring my camera with me, there could be pictures to upload providing I have time to take some. I have no intentions to leave my designated route mind, so there won’t be any scenic detours to the pretty parts of London (wherever they are). But who knows, there might be something interesting on the, uh, three main roads I’m walking along. Maybe some nice buildings? We’ll see.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to tomorrow (as well as the train fears, getting lost in London and shirt removal) is how long the day is going to be. I’m going to be out for 12 hours; I leave at ten in the morning, and I won’t get back until ten at night. Urgh. And I’ve only just realized that means I need to bring food (pay for it? I don’t think so!)…so before I go to bed tonight I will have to make sandwiches. You know, as well as sorting out my clothes, documents and entertainment for the journey. Oh joy.


Right, I should go and get stuff sorted. You won’t hear from me tomorrow (I’m not going to bring my laptop, sorry) but I’ll tell you all about my London/train/medical experience on Wednesday.

Wish me luck!



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