A Few Pictures Of Splat For You American Mothers…

Photography On The Citadel

Happy Mother’s Day American mothers! As for everybody else, uh, happy Sunday!

We’ve done some more adjustments to the shed, this time pet-related. You see, Splat and Georgie have got on better (they were in the same room earlier – Splat on the table and Georgie zooming around under her – and there was no hissing or fighting), but they aren’t exactly friends (despite Georgie’s best efforts) just yet. Our main issue is going outside; so far we’ve avoided having them both in the garden at the same time because there isn’t anywhere that Splat can go to avoid Georgie. Without one of us watching, it is inevitable that Georgie will bound over to splat, and well…we don’t want to know what will happen. But I doubt it’ll be pretty.

Anyway, Splat’s advantage is height (Georgie struggles to climb on the sofa) so we’ve put up a shelf on the…

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