Summer Is Coming? But I Want To Watch Television!*

I reckon going outside and enjoying the sunshine is overrated. Sure, it is healthy and nice and exciting, but when you’ve got a load of amazing shows to watch, why would you want to leave the house? I laugh at those socializing and having fun when I see them (in those brief moments before I have to shield my eyes from the brightness and draw my curtains). “What fools!” I think, and occasionally say out loud because I get lonely and sometimes I need to hear my own voice to know I’m not losing my mind.

…Uh, I got sidetracked there for a second, didn’t I? Um. Where was I? Oh yes.

So…what is keeping me inside while all those sad individuals are out there partying and the like? Well, let me tell you. This is what I’ll be watching in the next few months. It is going to be a glorious…


The season may have finished last weekend but that doesn’t mean football is over, oh no. First there are several cup finals to watch (Chelsea aren’t in any of them sadly; it hasn’t been a bad year for us, but I’m a little disappointed…ah well, next season will be better), plus playoff finals to decide what clubs are getting promoted and who misses out for another year, so I’m looking forward to watching them. Sometimes these games are more enjoyable when you are neutral and don’t have to worry about your team failing.

But the football doesn’t end with these games either. Heck, they aren’t even the main event of the summer; that honour, of course, goes to the biggest football tournament on the planet…the World Cup!

Woo! In Brazil this June, the current world champions will be decided. It won’t be England – I’ll be surprised if we make it out of our group – but I can’t wait for it all to start. I’m not that keen on national games as I find the endless qualification games and friendlies an unwanted distraction from the ‘proper football’, but nothing beats a World Cup. I’m already getting the World Cup Fever. As I said, England won’t do anything (frankly, the sooner they go out, the sooner I can push aside my disappointment and enjoy the games), but there will be plenty to look forward to. Entertaining football (hopefully), great atmosphere (hopefully; there hasn’t been the greatest of support in Brazil, and understandably so), fascinating contests, and the chance to see the best players in the world strut their stuff. There will be shocks, disappointment (not just England either!), new emerging talent, and the inevitable crowd shots of attractive ladies cheering on their team (women viewers will be rewarded with the occasional England fan, beer gut exposed in its full glory, shouting aggressively into the camera; what more could you ask for, ladies?). The World Cup has it all. I just hope they don’t have vuvuzelas like the last WC in South Africa 2010. I can’t handle that awful buzzing noise. Even on T.V. it sounded awful. So, make sure to ban them, Brazil.

And my predictions? Though Spain have been excellent in recent years, Germany are stronger and teams like Argentina and Italy hold plenty of threat, I reckon the hosts (and most successful world cup country) Brazil will win it. But I can’t say I have any preference. I’ll be tracking England, of course, and my second home, USA. They have a tough group (Germany, Portugal and Ghana) but that means one result in their favour may be enough. I don’t know what will happen. It’s going to be a great tournament. Roll on June!


I have already started watching Fargo (I’m four episodes in) but as it’ll be running through May into June, I feel like it deserves a place on this list. Has anybody been watching it? I think it is fantastic, one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while. Like the film, I’d say it is a dark comedy, but there is plenty of depth to it. I love it. I don’t know what is going to happen next either, which makes it more appealing. Billy Bob Thornton has certainly the standout so far, with his rather bizarre, assassin character, but I like Martin Freeman too. Can’t get enough of Thornton though. He’s the bad guy but he’s so fascinating you can’t help but like him. How he manipulates everyone else is great.

I’ll probably do a ‘proper’ (whenever I use the word, I feel the need to give it the old ‘ ‘ treatment) review when it is over. But I definitely recommend it. UK viewers should be able to catch the broadcasted four episodes online if they are quick (4 on demand is your friend). I promise you, you won’t regret it!

…Unless you are like my dad, Sue or Vanna. They all went off it after one episode. But uh, don’t pay any attention to them. It’s great, honest.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first season Orange Is The New Black when I first watched it, though the finale did win me over somewhat. I did, however, watch it again recently and enjoyed it a lot more. Piper still irritated me (granted, less than the first time, but still enough to dislike her) which wasn’t good. Hating the main character should be the death knell for the show but, as I said in this review, I am curious to see what happens to her next so I was always going to watch season 2. And apparently the focus is going to shift more towards the supporting cast, which is also encouraging.

Again, Vanna isn’t overly keen, but I may persuade her to watch it. Either way, I’ll let you know what I think. It starts in June.


Now, I had planned out my entry a few hours ago, only to discover some disturbing news when I went to type it up on the blog which made it all worthless. You see, I was going to talk about how excited I was for season two of Hemlock Grove because, even though I was frustrated by how vague season one was, I did enjoy it and thought season two had the potential to be even better (if you click on that link above, you’ll see my thoughts on Hemlock Grove as well as OITNB).

I was then going to say regardless of how confusing the plot would be, it wouldn’t matter because I love Bill Skarsgard’s Roman Godfrey, and I’d watch it simply for him. But after a quick look online, I discovered he won’t be in season 2. So I don’t think I actually want to watch it anymore. I will, but I’m not impressed. Not impressed at all.

Incidentally, I read Hemlock Grove to see if it would answer some questions and found out it was even worse than the show. There are too many mythologies thrown into the plot and it just doesn’t work (also, the writing is overly complicated, to the point where it is actually incomprehensible at times). The inclusion of all these mythologies (upirs, werewolves, reincarnated corpses) is what makes the story unique and intriguing…but sadly is also what ruins it. In some respects, it was actually one of the worst books I’ve read.


However, as there doesn’t appear to be a sequel book, there is the possibility that season 2 will benefit from having to create its own source material. That way it might make more sense, resulting in a better show. But let’s face it, Bill isn’t in it, so even if everything is completely logical, it won’t be anywhere near as good.

…I’m sad now.


Cancelled, revived, cancelled and revived again, The Killing is back for a final, fourth season. Bought by Netflix (I’m happy at this as it means I’ll be able to watch it, but I’m wary too; the reason I haven’t yet reviewed Arrested Development is that I’m reluctant to watch the Netflix-created final season), the abrupt ending to Season 3 will thankfully not be the end of this detective series, which deserved a lot more than to be abandoned twice.

I’m curious more than excited about this season. It is only six episodes long, which means it won’t have the epic storyline that the first two seasons had; what made it so good for me. And given that season 3 didn’t exactly impress me, season 4 is really going to have to be amazing to win me back over. Vanna thought season 3 was the best, but personally I thought it was too obvious. The story was good throughout, but when you’ve pegged the murderer long before the end, it loses appeal. Will season four suffer the same fate? I hope not. Hopefully it will instead bring the show to a satisfying conclusion…but I don’t know. From what I’ve read, it won’t be linked like the other three were, so I feel some of the magic will be lost. What if it just becomes like every other detective show? Maybe it would have been better to let it die.

Bah, I’m sorry. The news of Bill Skarsgard has put me on a downer. I’ll try again.

I am looking forward to the latest season The Killing, and I’m sure it’ll be great.



I suppose I should mention Under The Dome before I go, as season two comes out this summer. With its bad casting, awful writing and stupid plot, the television version of Under The Dome will always be a huge disappointment to me given the potential it had (the book, if you haven’t read my love letter to it, is my favourite book of all time). But it is back for another season and I’m going to watch it because I’m an optimist. I have no idea what to expect – it has wandered off completely on its own ridiculous tangent – but it was beginning to improve, so maybe season two will actually get its act together and show that it deserves to carry the Under The Dome name. As they plan to kill off several main characters in the first episode, I’m skeptical of this…but you never know. Maybe it will be a brilliant move. Doubtful, but maybe it will be. I guess I’ll just have to find out.


So, plenty to go off this summer. I should be able to watch most of the shows/football, though I’m concerned I’ll miss both broadcasts of Under The Dome (while I’m in the UK, it is in the US, then vice versa), but maybe that’ll be a good thing…

Oh, before I go, I should mention I got my letter from the embassy yesterday. My interview is on the 2nd of June. How about that for a cliff hanger?



*I realize that most of the things here I’ll be watching on my laptop, but ‘I want to stream shows onto my laptop’ didn’t quite have the same ring to it.


2 thoughts on “Summer Is Coming? But I Want To Watch Television!*”

  1. If you REALLY want to watch Under The Dome I could set up a series recording for you so you could watch it when you come over here and we won’t be subjected to Vanna’s Pretty Little Liars.

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