I Told You I Had A Gift

Photography On The Citadel

There can be no more doubts; I am indeed an Animal Whisperer. Okay, I wasn’t in the room, but I did shepherd Splat out from under my bed, so I’m taking the credit. Behold, Georgie and Splat sharing a sofa without any guardians! Look!



Okay…so there’s a space between them. But still, there wasn’t any hissing…I’m counting it as a victory.


In other news, my burns are getting better. I can move now without pain, which is definitely a plus. Last night I was practically bed-ridden. Except for the occasional trip to the bathroom to resoak the towel I had draped over my legs, I stayed put. Horrible. The only plus was that the burn spread out so it at least looked consistent.  I took a picture before, but I don’t think it shows up that well.

Damn lighting, making it look no different. There is a contrast there people! Damn lighting, making the contrast less severe.

Honestly, they were bright red before…

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