Waiting For Tomorrow

Good news! Earlier today I received an email from the embassy containing the tracking number for my visa/passport delivery. I was told it would take two weeks, but I thought I would go on the courier website anyway to check it out…the package will be here tomorrow! It hasn’t even been a week! Given that my medical was the end of April, it has taken just over a month to go through the final few visa steps. Can’t complain about four days, can I? Very impressive. It’ll be even better if it can get here before two o’clock so I won’t be without my passport (and my only form of acceptable identification) on my trip away.

What’s that? I hear you ask. A trip away? Where?

Let me tell you! You see, this Friday isn’t just important for the visa, oh no. Tomorrow (that’s Friday, by the way) I will be heading down to Harrogate for another lads weekend! It will probably be my last one (or at least the last one for a while…not that I’m thinking too much about that), so I plan to make the most of it. Friday to Monday…it’s going to be great.

How couldn’t it be? Time with mates. Go on the Xbox One again (oh yeah…I never reviewed it did I? Well, maybe I will have a stronger, more defining impression once I get home), meal in town, trip to the cinema perhaps, and obviously some, uh, moderate consumption of alcohol. What else could you ask for?

So yes, I’m very excited. As well as seeing Gary, Ben et all again, I’ll be meeting Kev, another Xbox guy (I refuse to use the term ‘friend’ in this context), for the first time. I’ve known him for years, but we’ve never coincided trips. Providing I can understand his Glaswegian accent, we should have a good time.

Now, this trip does mean there won’t be a blog until next Tuesday (assuming I’m in a fit state by then). But on the plus side, I am bringing my camera with. Providing I manage to get some appropriate pictures, I’ll upload them once I get back. Plus there is the long-awaited Xbox One review to come (sorry about that), and my general thoughts on the weekend. And, of course a visa update, which I wasn’t expecting to happen so soon. Lots to look forward to, right?

Right then. I should pack and get everything ready. Speak to you again next week!





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