32 Days!

I have bought my ticket to America, folks! I have bitten the proverbial bullet, and booked my flight to Minnesota and, of course, my bride-to-be. Very, very, very excited!

And, well, relieved. As you know, I wasn’t overly impressed with my options; either I pay extra for my usual journey, or I go for a cheaper flight that takes longer to get there. I searched online for hours yesterday and today, hoping to find something better…but nope. Even Vanna’s agent couldn’t find me a good deal. Her only advice was to fly from London because it isn’t as pricey to fly from the capital. This is true…but then I would have to pay for a train down there. Not ideal.

So, a couple of hours ago I decided to stop waiting for a sudden price drop that really, really wasn’t going to happen, and just buy the tickets. After some final considerations (good old compare the market), I chose…Delta.

Ultimately, I was never going to try anybody else. Yes, the budget airline equivalents would save me a bit, but there was no other advantage to using them. I want to be comfortable (well reasonably comfortable; I’m too tall for planes), and fly the route I’m used to. This flight is going to be stressful enough without adding further complications to it. If I can avoid two layovers in airports I don’t know (while flying with airlines I don’t know), then I’ll pay that price. Makes sense, right?


Okay then, what are the details?

Well, I’ll be flying over on the 16th July, 32 days from today (check to the right for a new countdown). I will leave Newcastle at 6.05am (if you want to say goodbye to me before I go) and arrive in Minneapolis around lunchtime, via a two-hour layover in Amsterdam. Total journey time is just over twelve hours, which isn’t too bad. I’m pleased with it, anyway.

So, with that sorted, I can now focus on my leaving preparations. As well as trying to pack my two suitcases (I’ll have too many clothes to fit into one, unfortunately), I’ll also have to decide what I’m going to do with the rest of my belongings. Do I get rid or store here until I can afford the transportation? Tough decisions to make. My book collection, for example, can wait in the loft but do I really need to keep all of them? I’ll probably need to give away at least a third of it. Ugh, not too excited to do that.


*checks the time*

Anyway, I best be off. The football is about to start (England are on later; looking forward to watching them though I can’t say I’m expecting much from them) and I don’t want to miss it. I just thought I’d share the good news first. 32 days!

Speak to you later,




3 thoughts on “32 Days!”

  1. Oh to bad England went down 1-2, but you can take heart at least Uruguay lost also. Now lets see how they play when they go head to head on Thursday.

    1. Yes, very true. I’m not a huge patriot when it comes to England and football, but they at least tried to play football. A draw would have been fair, but we will see on Thursday. Your favourite Suarez will be playing!

      1. Well if someone would take his knee out sometime during this tournament and do a really good job of it we wouldn’t have to look at his ugly mug in the future. The knee is only just over the three week recovery and they said tree to twelve weeks for full recovery.

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