Happy Suit Day…I Mean, Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, fathers of the world!

We’ve had a good day in the Best household. To celebrate Father’s day, my dad (and Sue) bought me my wedding suit!Because hey, what beats spending money on your son on your special day?

So, after trying on six jackets, three waistcoats, two pairs of trousers, one shirt, one tie and one pair of shoes, I had the perfect outfit; a charcoal grey suit with white shirt and blue flower tie (to suit the wedding theme). Initially I was interested in a navy blue suit, but as it didn’t come with a waistcoat, I had to try something else. And though the charcoal may not be my preferred colour, I do look pretty damn good in it, so I love it. We made the right choice and I’m very happy (and grateful; thank you dad and Sue!)…hopefully Vanna will love it too.

Any pictures? Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so no. But you can see the bag it came in!

Boom! Fancy clothes hidden inside a bag on an unmade bed! …Boom!

That excitement aside, we’ve had a relaxed day. As my dad isn’t big on gadgets or films or anything else you see advertised for Father’s Day, I decided to write him a story to mark the occasion. A short story may not sound impressive but I thought it would be a bigger gesture than simply shelling out for an unnecessary gadget or food that wouldn’t last a day. More thoughtful, personal. Sometimes that means more than buying the first thing in the ‘Father’s Day Aisle’ at the local shop, you know?

So, what was the story about? Well, it was actually a sequel to a little piece I did for him a few years ago about him being a football manager (here’s the original). As this will be the last time we’ll spend Father’s Day together (at least for a few years), it seemed like the perfect time to follow up on his fictional managerial career. Like before, I tried to blend the perfect amount of humour (mostly bad) and references to his FIFA saves to make it extra special. I think it was pretty good…well, I’m pleased with my efforts, anyway. And from his reaction this morning, I think my dad was happy with it too. After all, it’s not every day you get a unique story about you, is it?

And he has ice cream for later, so he can’t complain.

Have a great day everyone.






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