Barter Books And Gibside (A Phone Camera Slideshow)

Photography On The Citadel

Hello all,

What a busy Sunday I’ve had people. Oh, very busy indeed. I was up early in the morning (before ten!) and everything. And we didn’t even get home until after three! A very eventful day.

So, what exactly did we get up to? Well, let me tell you!

Barter Books

First we went to Barter Books, as planned. I brought two full carrier bags for trade; one full of books, the other full of unwanted CDs and DVDs (they are region locked and my laptop hasn’t got a CD drive). I wasn’t expecting to get rid of the two bags, but for the third time (out of four) I managed to sell all my books! Half the CDs and a couple of the DVDs were given back, true, but I still consider that to be an achievement. I can’t complain about £32 credit either (especially as the guy…

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