Finchale Priory (The Actual Priory This Time)

More Photography On The Citadel

Unfortunately Vanna wasn’t able to fix my photos of Finchale Priory; though it was a simple edit, she didn’t have the software to do it. She didn’t have explanation for the orange mark either. It definitely wasn’t the sun, so we’ll have to assume it was something on the lens. Or a weird, orange ghost that lives in the Priory. You know, whichever is most plausible.

Anyway, I have uploaded the pictures into a slideshow regardless. Though I’m annoyed with the quality (if I’d known at the time, I would have just went around again), I didn’t want you to miss out on seeing Finchale Priory. Hopefully the blur doesn’t ruin the pictures for you. And if it does…well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. So…tough.


Right then. Enjoy the slideshow.

P.S. I noticed a few of the links on this site (the ones in my first…

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