Swans, Swans…And A Duck Fight

More Photography On The Citadel

Today my dad and I went to Chester-Le-Street to take Georgie for a walk along by the riverside. Beautiful weather (sun, blue skies, light fluffy clouds…) and a pretty location? Well, that sounds like the perfect combination for some photography, doesn’t it? Good thing I brought my camera!

*please suppress your groans about more pictures, it hurts my feelings*

Typically though, my camera decided to make things difficult. First the batteries died. No matter, for I had brought spares! Freshly charged, I was completely prepared for such a problem.

But wait! Just as I put my new batteries in, I then ran out of memory space! I had too many pictures! But I hadn’t finished taking pictures of the baby ducks! What a catastrophe! I had to act quick; goodbye Georgie and Splat in the garden, hello fighting ducks (honestly, it was amazing). I deleted the beloved pet pictures, and…

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