Belsay Hall And Gardens (Yes, Pictures!)

More Photography On The Citadel

Today we went to Belsay Hall and Gardens for one final meet up with some of my relatives. I don’t think I could have wished for a better non-Vanna day (I thought I should add that disclaimer!).  Great company, fantastic weather, and a superb location.

Seriously, I love Belsay Hall. If I could only recommend one of the wonderful National Trust/English Heritage sites that I’ve been to, it would be Belsay. This is the first time I’ve gone as an adult (when I was younger, I was too busy trying to find somewhere to kick a ball around to appreciate the place) and it is awesome. I wish we’d taken Vanna there because I know she’d love it too. The gardens are just amazing. I could spend the whole day there and still not see everything. Words/Pictures don’t do Belsay justice. There’s a quarry and a castle and…



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