It’s Nearly Time…

One more day, people, that’s all I have left in the UK. Okay, a bit of Wednesday too, but considering that I’ll be on a plane at 6am so I don’t think it really counts. The rest of this evening, Tuesday, and that’s it. 36 hours.

Wow. Doesn’t feel real. Mixed emotions about it all. Though I’m obviously excited to see Vanna, I’m nervous about the flight and customs. Feeling a little sad too. Saying goodbye to my dad (and Sue; also, who can’t forget Splat and Georgie?!) is going to be very hard, so I’m not looking forward to that. Or the security/possible interrogation that will follow (Amsterdam might have questions, but I can’t imagine getting straight through Minneapolis either). The goodbye bit is the worst bit though. I hate saying goodbye. No 3 month trip this time either; we’re talking years and years. Hard to imagine being away that long. Changing country is definitely something you do on a whim. Not only is there loads of paperwork involved, it can quickly overwhelm you mentally (and it will do; my advice is to find the love of your life in the same country…it’s much easier!). I don’t think I’ve ever been this stressed out before; even writing this paragraph has got my stomach churning. Nerve-wracking.

Anyway, enough of the slightly depressing musings; the aim of this post was to update you on my luggage situation (exciting I know), not to sound miserable about something that I am, honestly, very happy about (honestly!).

So, the last you’d heard about my travel preparations was that I was waiting (I won’t do the bad joke again) for my scales. I’d packed one suitcase, but I wasn’t going to finish filling my second case until I knew how heavy the first one was. That was over a week ago, and now I’m 36 hours away from leaving. What’s happened since the last update?

Well, I got my scales last Thursday. I was finally able to continue my packing. Here’s the story…in (poor quality) pictures!

My scales. I guess a fly hitched a lift while I took this picture.
Black Suitcase was fairly light at 13kg, but Big Blue was only just underweight; limit is 23kg (50lb) and it was 22kg. Time to reshuffle!
Good, my suit is still there.
Ugh, slight hiccup opening up suitcase 2: broken zip.
Vacuum bags are fun! My pillow didn’t go in easily however…
Black Suitcase has medium vacuum bags with t-shirts, while Big Blue has large vacuum bags full of heavy jeans and sweatshirts. To share the weight, I planned to switch a couple of these bags around…
But it didn’t really work. Hmm.
Fits now, but everything else doesn’t…
Okay, that works.
But that doesn’t. *sigh* Stupid pillow…
Okay, new plan: take another bag from Big Blue and put it here, then move the pillow…
…into Big Blue! Boom!
Finish with my suit, and I’m done (for the moment). But have my changes improved the weight?
Yes! Under 19kg!
8 pounds to play with! Exciting stuff, right?
Now time to weigh Black Suitcase. Helps if you zip it up first (though with vacuum bags you don’t ruin thirty minutes of strategic packing!)
What?! Oh, that’s pounds, not kilograms. Well underweight. Still, what does it say in kg?
15 Celsius? Why does my scale have an inbuilt thermometer?
Fahrenheit this time…super.
Finally. Wahey! Logic dictated it would be 3kg heavier, but best to check just in case.


And that’s that. Since I took those pictures (last Thursday…I would have uploaded them sooner but I had other, nicer photos to show you!), I’ve squeezed more stuff into them (at the expense of the pillow; sadly that won’t be coming with). Weights are still comfortable (both under 20kg), so there shouldn’t be any problems on that front. I’ve not finished packing yet mind; I have some clothes and cables to add tomorrow, but they should fit easily enough without adding too much to the scales. Then once I’ve done that…I’ll be ready to go.


36 hours, people. Oh man. Feeling nervous again. 36 hours!

Speak soon,





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