Only A Few Hours To Go…

12 hours. 12 hours and I’m gone.

Oh man. Nervous. Excited. Hungry. Everything really.

Almost ready to go. Suitcases are packed and locked. Both are just under the limit, but only because I made sacrifices; lovely soft red blanket was taken out of Black Suitcase, while our new gift towels had to be removed from Big Blue. Vanna isn’t happy to lose the towels, but the decision had to be made; it was either the towels or my clothes, and there was only one winner there. We’ll cope without for now (it’s not like I need a blanket in the summer is it?). We’ll get them sent to us soon enough anyway.

So…that’s the packing done. I did it early this afternoon, forgetting that I can’t go on my Xbox again this night because my headset, cables and hard drive are all in the suitcase. Whoops. Serves me right for trying to be clever, doesn’t it? Oh well, I guess I’ll be social instead! Woo…

Right then. I probably should go and make the most of my final hours with the family. Nothing special planned, but I don’t think there needs to be does there?

Uh, I’ll try to post a quick blog tomorrow to let you know that I’m okay. I’ll be in Minnesota around lunch time CST (6pm GMT) so if I do post, it’ll be around then. Failing that, you’ll hear something from me on Thursday. Providing my plane didn’t crash or I was rejected at customs, obviously. But hopefully neither of those two things won’t happen and everything will go through without a hitch. Travel details are below if you wish to track my progress across the Atlantic.

Okay…I suppose that’s it. Wish me luck!

See you on the other side,




Newcastle to Amsterdam, 6:05am (depart) – 8:30am (arrive)…Flight Number DL9299

Amsterdam to Minneapolis, 10:20am (depart) – 12:14pm (arrive)…Flight Number DL0259

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