No Laptop And No Bike…But Mosquitoes? Plenty Of Those!

So my laptop is dead. Well, for the foreseeable future anyway. The battery gave up the ghost shortly after I finished Thursday’s blog, and despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to find the plug for the charger. No idea where the damned thing has went, but it has essentially disappeared. We no longer have it, and as a result, my laptop is out of action.


Finding a replacement isn’t easy either, because all the plugs in the shops up here convert US devices to UK outlets, not the other way around. Consequently we had to order the new adapter online from Amazon and that won’t arrive until next Wednesday because shipping takes forever here. Four more days without my laptop is far from ideal, but it is our only option. Sure, we could have the plug delivered sooner, but standard shipping already costs more than the item does. Getting it here for Monday would mean paying three times as much, which is just ridiculous. So I’ll just have to wait.

In the meantime, Vanna has kindly lent me her laptop. I’m grateful for it but it is rather…clunky. And slow. And heavy. I miss my Acer!

To make matters worse, my bike is out of action too. It was completely my fault, which makes it even more irritating. I won’t say how I did – it is rather embarrassing – but essentially I have blown out the back tyre. It is going to cost somewhere between $20/50 to replace, which is $20/50 too much because it shouldn’t have happened. It is an unnecessary fix and I’m really angry that we have to pay for something that was so avoidable. It is bad enough that I have to buy the replacement plug without having stupid bike issues.


On a happier note, we had a great time Thursday night. After a meal at Ya Betcha’s in Crosby (I had the BBQ burger, which is just the most delicious burger ever), we went to Koda’s house for some drinks around the fire. I had quite a lot of cider (it is getting more popular here!), which resulted in a rather rough feeling in the morning. The hangover wasn’t even the worse thing – though I can’t deny it was rather fierce – as I discovered I had about fifty mosquito bites on my body. The majority were on my back (they got through the thick shirt I was wearing, the gits) but I also have a couple dozen on my legs (so much for mosquito spray) and then a huge bite on my thumb. How great is that?


Thankfully they aren’t too itchy, otherwise I’d be in a lot of pain right now. Still, I’m not impressed. I’ve only been in the country for three days! At least give me a week, mosquitoes, before you start trying to suck my blood. Ugh!

So yeah, not having the greatest start to my time in the US. Hopefully today will be better.



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