It’s So Humid!

Why isn’t it Wednesday yet? I feel this is a legitimate question (albeit one with a fairly straightforward ‘because it isn’t‘ answer). I want it to be Wednesday, so it should be Wednesday. That’s how the world should work, or at least that’s how it should work on this one occasion. I want it to be Wednesday because if it was Wednesday then my laptop cable would be here and I would be able to turn on my laptop again and be happy. But I can’t, as it isn’t Wednesday it is Monday, and my laptop cable doesn’t arrive until Wednesday, meaning I continue to be without my laptop for another two days. Two days! This displeases me, people. Consider me very displeased.

On a more positive note, we took my bike to the bike shop (obviously) on Saturday to get the tyre replaced. I have no idea when it will be fixed (a couple of days, the very unfriendly shop assistant told us), but at least I might get it before Wednesday, so that’s something. It cost $52 to sort out ($30 for tyre, $7 for tubing and $15 for service) which, in my eyes, is stupidly ridiculous, but there isn’t anything I can do about it. My fault, now I have to suffer the consequences. Mind you, you’d think that at that price, they’d at least be a little quicker replacing the tyre, wouldn’t you? They weren’t that busy. Urgh. I want my bike! And my laptop!

Remember how I said those mosquito bites were no big deal? Yeah, I lied; I’ve itched them like crazy ever since, and now I have big red marks on my legs. There is one on my ankle which is particularly bad, like to the point where it could be infected…yay, isn’t that great? The only consolation is the dozen on my back have gone. Here’s hoping the rest will follow suit. Soon. I tried wearing trousers to protect them (and because they look awful when I wear shorts), but it is way too hot here for trousers. Yesterday it was 88F (31C) and I had combats and thick socks on because I’m smart like that. Bites were covered, but so awful. Never again!

And today is somehow going to be hotter than that. Weather reports, along with giving us heat advisory warnings (never a good sign) state that it might hit 94F, which I don’t even want to contemplate in celcius. The humidity (84%) just makes it even more horrible. I can handle heat (sort of), but I can’t handle the sensation that I’m breathing through a hot piece of cloth. It is such an awful feeling, I can’t stand it. Can’t stand humidity, can’t stand hot air. But it is going to be like that all day. And the best part? We have to go out into that muggy nastiness this afternoon and run errands. Oh joy.

Obviously, I have to be prepared this time; shorts (yay, exposed mosquito bites), loose t-shirt and thin socks are a must if I’m going to survive. But further steps have to be taken as well. I think…I think, people, that I might have to get my hair cut.

…I know, I know. It is a drastic measure, but one I must take. As much as I like having long hair, it just isn’t suitable in these conditions. The beard too, is going to go. It is the only way to survive.

What style do I plan to get? No idea. Thankfully I have Vanna to dictate, because when I go into a hair salon I more or less shrug and ask for a shorter version of what I have as that is all I know. Maybe this time we’ll do things differently – maybe even pick a style that requires hair product – but the outcome has to be less hair on my head than I have now. I won’t make it otherwise.

So…that’s what is happening today. Hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll make it to tomorrow.

Wish me luck,





*future blog times*

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