I Took The Test And…

…I passed my theory! I now have a learner’s permit (though I prefer to call it a provisional license) and can legally drive in the US! Well, Minnesota. And Vanna (or someone with experience) has to be with me. But still…I can drive! Yeah! And in three months, I will be able to take the test to become an official driver…and that would mean I could drive alone and anywhere in the US! Yeah! Driving!

Here’s a picture of me outside Vanna’s grandparent’s house (in the cities) with my permit papers (it takes a few weeks for the actual card to arrive). Guess who drove us most of the way? That’s right…this guy! *points thumbs at chest*

Awkward picture number one…
Awkward picture number two…

Obviously, very pleased with that. Had to share with you all before we leave here to meet our photographer. Hopefully it’ll be a good chat, and we won’t get lost on the way trying to find the rendezvous point. I will let you know how it goes.

Oh, and last word on my bike; it is finally fixed. Quite an ordeal getting to that stage, mind, but we’re there. We had to visit the bike shop twice yesterday, and the first time we were there took over an hour.


Essentially we went back because the computer wasn’t working, and we wanted a return on the tyre that we didn’t need. The former took a while because they wanted to run tests on the computer (none of them worked), and the latter took even longer because they couldn’t find Vanna’s name in the system…a job made even harder by the fact they were seriously confused over what we wanted (charging us a second time for the tyre really threw them off), despite our repeated explanations.

I guess we wouldn’t have been that bothered by the delay if it wasn’t for the absolutely awful attitude (alliteration for emphasis) of the owner (the guy who messed up our order in the first place). He contradicted himself (said he wasn’t there, then he was), spoke poorly to us and to his staff, and generally just had an abysmal demeanor. Just appalling, really. If his staff hadn’t been so nice and apologetic about things (without him I think we would have fixed this issue in two visits, not four), I would have named and shamed the shop here. But they tried their best, so I’m not going to. Obviously we won’t be going back again, unless, of course, there is a change of ownership. Next time we’ll just go to Crosby; it’s further away, but we won’t have to deal with that guy.

At least everything is sorted now, so I’m grateful for that. Well, for the moment anyway; we still need to install the second computer (we determined the first one had a faulty cable) and, although they refunded us for the tyre, the money hasn’t gone through yet…so we may have to visit again if we don’t get that next week. Won’t that be fun?

But hey, we’re fine for this weekend. My bike is in the house, and we’re going to have a good few days in the cities. We can worry about them later.

Anyway, I should go. People (person) to see, places (place) to go. You know how it is.





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