Wedding Stuff, Cycling And The Crow Wing County Fair!

Hello all,

I’m writing this post (or at least some of it) at 11pm in the hospital waiting room, a place as exciting as you’d imagine it is; there’s me, a small crying child and old reruns of Friends on the small screen in the corner…yay! (Don’t worry; we were there for Vanna’s client, who is fine now) I think I’ve played all the games on my laptop twice over already, so I thought I’d do something productive instead.

Okay, so the wedding. I referred to the cities being a successful trip for us, but didn’t really go into any details. Here are the latest updates on our upcoming wedding (16th August):


We met Alex on Saturday to make the necessary arrangements for our wedding pictures. She was really nice and a very talented photographer (the link under her name takes you to her photography page) so I’m pleased with Vanna’s decision to hire her. We talked for about an hour to plan things out (what kind of pictures we wanted, when to start etc), though admittedly a fair chunk of that time ended up being about me. But I’m okay with that.


Ah, I left my shoes in the cities, and forgot to take a picture before we left…sorry.

Um, what can I say about them? Well they’re black and uh, very comfortable. Not a bad price either, and I’ll be able to use them again after the wedding, which is a plus. Uh…they were the fourth or fifth pair I tried on, and it took maybe 30/40 minutes from entering the store to be done. Had to try a few different sizes but still very quick. My suit is now complete, and we can tick shoes off our list of things-to-do. Woo!

Wedding Site

Still not allowed to show you where we plan to have our ceremony, but it is a gorgeous spot. I think we were in Phalen Park for nearly an hour searching for the perfect place. Prior to this visit we had two contenders, but between us we ruled them out. The spot we picked works has everything we need:

  • Scenic; willow tree fronds as a canopy, the river right by us, the bridge in the background. Pretty and natural, just what Vanna wanted.
  • Sheltered in case we have bad weather – no guarantees it’ll be sunny!
  • Secluded but not too far away from the car park. After all, we can’t have Vanna walking a mile in her dress!
  • Nearby picnic tables which we can use for cake and drinks.
  • Plenty of picturesque spots in the vicinity that we can use for our pre-wedding photography pictures.

That’s about all we’ve got locked down at the moment. Vanna was working on invitations yesterday (more as a memento than anything else), and further planning is going to happen on Thursday. We also hope to get our rings resized soon too. Everything is moving along nicely.

Oh, and speaking of things moving along nicely, I went for my first, proper bike ride yesterday. After all that aggravation with the tyre and broken computer (the new one is installed now; it has a good display, but won’t turn off…), it was so great to cycle again. I only went to Breezy Point and back (ten miles round trip) but its a start. I haven’t been on a bike (or done any exercise on that level) since last summer, so I don’t want to overdo it. Today though I plan to go to Nisswa, which is a little further afield (the road is more challenging as well), so slowly the distance and challenge is being increased. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be doing the loop around Pequot (twenty miles) but we’ll see how it goes.

Google says I only did 9.4 miles, whereas my bike told me I did 10.3…hmm, looks like I might have to recalibrate my computer.

Right, I should probably go. Chelsea are about to kick off (a friendly but I want to watch it anyway) and I need to eat lunch. Later this evening (after the game and my bike ride) we plan to go to the Crow Wing County Fair in Brainerd. Not expecting it to be any different from when I last went, but I’ll bring my camera anyway. Who knows what will happen?

Speak to you later,





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