I Hate Caffeine

So I’m writing this at 4:30 in the morning (Ed: I decided to wait until daylight before I posted though…thought that would be less insane). Why am I still awake at this time? Did we get a television and, because I’ve been without my Xbox for a few weeks (plus I’ll have less opportunity in the future because of stupid job/husband commitments…), decide to have an all-night gaming session?

Sadly not. Nothing like that though I wish that was the case. …I miss my Xbox…


No, I am awake at 4:30 in the morning because yesterday we went to the cities for further wedding planning (this time we took Becky, our unofficial flower person and assistant planner, with us to see our spot) and I stupidly drank three big bottles of pop during the journey. They were diet, but of course they all had caffeine in, didn’t they? Now you understand why I’m writing this when I should be asleep (those of you who read about my Buckfast experience probably remember how much caffeine disagrees with me).

Initially I tried to blame my insomnia (oh you thought I had some sleep before I woke up at 4? Ha, no; I’ve been restless since midnight, only I reckoned I may as well be productive with my time) on other things (trust me, I’ve had time to contemplate the cause of my constant alertness). I thought it might have been the bed arrangement because I haven’t slept that well lately, or maybe it was the dripping sound outside which sounded much closer, and reminded me of the click of an insect’s mandibles as they open or close…but nope, it wasn’t either of those things. My stomach hurts, my brain is whirring…this insomnia, this nightmare (oh wait, you have to be asleep to have a nightmare!) is the result of only one thing: good old caffeine.

Ugh. If I was alone or owned a television, I would Xbox or read a book, but because I don’t think Vanna should suffer as well (I’m a nice person like that) I’m typing this up on her iPod in the other room instead. My feet have gone numb but I guess that’s a sacrifice I have to make. But hey, hopefully I’ll drift off to sleep soon, and when I publish this blog I can update you with a message about how I had a great nap eventually. We’ll see.

Update: Nope. I stayed awake for another two hours. Good thing we don’t have anything to do today because I’m going to crash at some point. Probably best I don’t go for a Sunday afternoon bike ride because it could get ugly.

For now though, I think I might play some games until my eyes get too tired for even caffeine to stop them. That’s got to happen soon, right? Please?

Update: It didn’t. Again, two more hours before I fell asleep. I’m not sure how I’m functional at this point.


Oh, and so this doesn’t just look like a late night rambling about how caffeine works (because nobody knows how it works, do they?), I’ve uploaded a few pictures of Lake Phalen that I took on Saturday. It was nearly 9pm and the light had really faded by then which meant there was slight blur to the pictures, but I thought the view was so pretty they were worth sharing anyway.




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